FinalFantasyX Girl blogged
Aug 27, 16 9:29am

Hi, hello friends from the olden days!! If anyone sees this at all anyway, I have no idea who is still active at all, because I'm not. COUGHS

I'm now working in Japan! Living in Japan has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I still have no idea what I actually want to do, so for now, the job I have will get me by until I figure out all that (I'm 24, by the way. 24 with no idea).

My boss is actually a friend I met on this site ages ago! We were both kids basically and grew up talking to each other since then. He doesn't believe we met on this site though lmao w/e anyway

That's what's going on for me. Life isn't really ~perfect~ though it's to be expected.

If an old friend would like to chat, drop me a line, though it might not be seen for a while possibly! There's also a high chance I won't remember EXACTLY who you are, but I do remember a lot of your usernames, so yeah!

(interests as of now are still FF and KH, and also Roosterteeth and anything from RT if you need an easy ice breaker)
FinalFantasyX Girl
Apr 19, 13 5:41am
Long time no see, guys. I never get on anymore, but thought I'd make my profile up-to-date.

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