I wish you'd come back to Neo dude. I miss you. I remember the good old days in the Final Fantasy 3 forum.

Oh my god overuse of exclamation points ._. Doesn't matter, I'm like super hyper anyway.

I finally got a stamp!

And it looks so cool!

Just dropped in to say hi!
This is a random signing. I'm signing because

I got 4 new stamps so I decided to go on a signing spree and start using them. sign back if you want. And PM me if you want to be neofriends or if you want to talk. You don't have to if you don't want to.

hey i thought i'd sign your guestbook since i'm bored. well hope you have a nice day and i guess i'll talk to you later. bye!!!!
wastin space, wastin space!!!

Sign back when you can !
Thanks dude for the blazin sig people like that deserve good quality stamps

Happy New Year dawg!