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Jun 26, 10 7:51am

As this is the first issue, in 20 years this might actually be worth something! If it were on paper...

Maybe I should do an "about me"...


Adverts trying to make a difference.

While I don't hate adverts if they're well done, these ads talking about starving children in Africa and cigarettes being bad for you are really starting to get on my nerves. Everybody knows about the children and how they're hungry. Ads aren't really going to make a difference. People who wanted to help are already helping. Seeing the same ad where there's a person's voice going "This is <name> and she has the munchies" over and over, and over and over and over and over again won't make people change their mind. If it did, most people would be already donating, but they're not. So get over it.

Cigarette ads, same basic thing. We know they're bad, shut up.

Screaming children in restaurants.

Young children are one of the many, many things that shit me. Badly. Especially if it's in a restaurant that I like, and am planing to eat in. Seriously, who brings a baby to a place which is, pretty much, a steakhouse. They can't even say steak, let alone eat it. Get a babysitter, leave it in the car, I couldn't care less. Just take the screaming little *bleep* out of the building or else I will stab it with a steak knife and throw it in a dumpster.

People who whistle the riff to The Final Countdown.

I quite like the song actually, but when people seem to whistle the riff, and that's it... Annoys me, t'does. Do us all a favour, and shut the *bleep* up. We don't want to hear you whistle. If we did, we'd all buy an iPod, download some sort of editing program and go from there.


Two words for these dickheads: Get *bleep*ed.
A few more? Okay:
I couldn't care less if everything must be perfect. I will mess up your books and CDs just to see you shiver and twitch. I would also superglue their hands together, with the middle finger not lined up, just to make them go insane.

And my final rant of the night...
Dicks and their cars doing donuts all around the place.

I'll keep this one rather short. If I were the President of the Colourful Republic of Earth, I would invent a law which states that if you see someone being a dickhead in their car, you have the right to stop them and throw a brick at them.

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