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  • "It comes with MGS4, luckily. Add me as IEatBabies MetalGearOnline"
    Mrblikey Aug 31, 10 2:30pm
  • "An extremely fun game to play. Only the best soldiers make it out of combat alive. MetalGearOnline"
    Machienzo Feb 18, 10 10:26pm
  • "Metal Gear Solid 4 in all it's splendour, online. Tough to adapt to at first but will provide lots of fun provided you have good internet. MetalGearOnline"
    Twin_Master Jan 13, 10 5:46pm
  • "Haven't even played it. But I hear it's quite fun. MetalGearOnline"
    yugiRULER Sep 16, 09 2:22am
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