Hey there, stranger! Lookin' for mercenary for hire? You come to the right place. What is your order? .....No order? Just to come and see my hideout? Bah! What do you want to see, stranger.

Ok, this is the banners I used:

This was the first banner made by the great Fenix THE Rampage (Me).

This was also made by the great Fenix THE Rampage.

This great banner was made by the great Strayfire in just mins!

'N here, I got the avatars that I used:

I used Zhou Yu from DW4 as my very first avatar. I got it from Kingming.net, an excellent Romance of Three Kingdoms and related site.

I made this one by myself from the picture of Mei Sanniang from Kessen II.

Can't remember where I got the main real picture from... But I crop the face part of Duskmon from Digimon Frontier (Season 4). Any way, I edited it by myself.

This great avatar was made by GoldenWog. The Immortal And The Eternal Beauty!