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since: Mar 2003
Welcome To My NeoHome
May 26, 04 at 03:25PM
Hey there, Welcome to the Best and most Creative NeoHome of the year. Anyway, this is my new NeoHome, I got bored of the last one, and it was way too much maintenance, so I have made this one. I hope you like it, just click the links under my name to begin (Sorry to anyone that isn't using Internet Explorer.. because you wont be able to view this NeoHome properly). And remember, any other NeoHome like this, has been stolen from my code, I've already had about 10 thefts of this code. So if you see anyone else using it, a NeoPM would be appreciated. Thanks.


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[ The Ideas Behind The NeoHome ]
    I wanted something like Teppic's or D Ice's NeoHome, but the first time I tried it went completely wrong. I worked everything out and coded it correctly, or seemingly correctly and it worked when I put the code in some tutorial sites, but then when I put it in my NeoHome it came out distorted and didn't work correctly, which was very annoying. Then I decided to have another go with CSS and it came out with NeoHome version 2, however that was a lot of mainance, so I scrapped that and started to work on this style, with inner.HTML, and with Splitter's help.

I started out on Neo searching for Cheats for GTA: 3, which I swear most members came from. And although I was around, I didn’t become a member until I started searching the Vice City Forum I checked it out for a while, and kept a close eye on the Picture Editing thread, which I was into at the time. After a while I had enough courage to sign up, so on Mar 1st I signed up to post an edit, although when it came to it I couldn’t use markup at all, as most newbies don’t. This is the moment when Furious Faction (Then known as GAMESTOP03) came into the picture and helped me with everything.

I’m 16 years old and was born on January 2nd 1988, I go to school in England and have lived in the same house the whole of my life, I enjoy rap, graphics, soccer, running and other sports. I’m about to pass my year and a half mark here on Neo, which is cool, I’m quite surprised that I have lasted this long though. But thanks to everyone that has made my time here so great!

My life here on Neo has been quite interesting as of late. I’ve really matured since I received a site-wide ban, which in fact, I am so grateful that I got. Because it meant that I had time to improve upon every one of my flaws, and I started to actually spell correctly and use grammar somewhat correctly. Which meant that I had everything that someone needs on Neo, I knew every piece of markup off by heart, and could now spell and use grammar correctly. I first applied to become a moderator a couple of years ago, however Moderator Requests lost my application, so I obviously didn’t get the position, although again, I’m very glad that I didn’t get the position, because it meant that I applied for SmackDown! vs. Raw, which as you will be able to tell; I moderate, which is amazing! Most of the time I love it, and don’t have too many complaints, which is cool. And as of August 15th 2004 I got asked if I wanted to mod Here Comes the Pain too, so of course I said yes, so from then, and over the next few months I had two permanent moderator positions.

This past week (4th - 10th of December 2004) has been quite a turbulent week. On Sunday I was asked to moderate Open Mic, which has been something that I've always wanted to do, that was less shocking that what was about to unfold in the next few days, as me moderating Open Mic was talked about for some time. However, probably the most shocking thing in my Neoseeker-life unfolded on the 8th of December.. I came back from soccer practise, and found I had a few NeoPM's, so I went into my inbox to find out that I had been sent a NeoPM, asking me to moderate Loungin', and of course, as you can probably tell now, I accepted the spot. Moderating the lounge is a great experience, and I'm so glad that I was considered for the spot. ^_^

It's been a very long while since I last updated this, mainly because of my distinct lack of time. So I thought I'd take a bit of time to update my profile. I guess in a way, a lot has, and hasn’t happened in a year, I’ve been moderating Loungin’ for a year sometime next week, which is quite crazy when you think about it, and obviously really sad at the same time. XD It’s obviously had it’s good moments, but on the other hand, I’ve hated it at other times. It’s a lot of work, especially when a lot of the time you’re doing it by yourself – it is the biggest forum on the site by miles, and moderating the place is stressful – that is undisputable.

Beside Loungin’ I’ve picked up a few more forums, and one section, together total 10, I believe. I’m actually usually a pretty busy guy when it comes to it, especially now-a-days, although I always make sure I find time to mod, just because of what the site has given me over the last few years. Even though sometimes some of the stuff which goes down on this site is a serious piss-take. I’ve put months of work into this site, and I wouldn’t take it back for anything, but when certain things go down, it really makes me question why I continue.

I’ll also apologise now for two things, one being that I don’t reply-sign people’s guestbooks, I get too many, so for me to reply to one, would mean I’d have to reply to everyone, which would be insane. The same goes with chat-NeoPM’s. I’ll very rarely reply to a NeoPM which is just to chat, I’m sorry, but if I was to chat with people all the time, I’d have no time to do everything I’m supposed to do on the site. So please don’t get mad, as I’m not meaning to ignore you to piss you off.

I’ll hopefully update this in a couple of weeks, but that’s it for now.

I've been into graphics for a while now, and used to mess around with WWE pictures and stuff to go on my wall. Then I came on Neo to submit some edited pictures of the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Then came my big leap forward, after a few months on Neo, I stumbled across Graphics and Animation which has improved my graphics by a hell of a lot.. I did over 50 requests for myGraphic Pal, which seriously bumped up the quality of my graphics. But now I no longer take graphic requests, so please don't NeoPM me about making you something, because I really don't have the time to make anyone anything. Sorry!

    Featured Graphic

Isn't it every boys dream to be a rap superstar? Ok, well maybe not, and I am certainly not a 'superstar' but with Neo Emcee's you can drop down rhymes, battle other members of the community and just basically have fun with multiple ways to rhyme and multiple ways to enjoy yourself. I found the forum back in Late May/Early Jun 2003 time. My first battle started on Jun the second, which I managed to win, although my opponent Guezz Whoez Back was also a new member to Open Mic. We then went on to have a second battle but only one round, and he beat me. So then I went out for revenge and took him in another three round battle, and guess what! I KO'd him again! Which means I won two straight rounds, and he didn't win anything, so overall I am winning 2 rounds to 1. LOL. And now I am not just a member but I am a judge, meaning that I can judge other people battles. I would recommend the forum to anyone that wants to try rap out. I'm sure that if you enjoy listening to any rap/hip hop you will enjoy the forums facilities, and just remember you don't just have to battle, you can just rap about what you want to and just generally about what is happening in your life, or you could check out some of the games of the forum, such as rhyme with us.

To check out my battle history look here.

[ The Ideas Behind The NeoHome ]
    I wanted something like Teppic's or D Ice's NeoHome, but the first time I tried it went completely wrong. I worked everything out and coded it correctly, or seemingly correctly and it worked when I put the code in some tutorial sites, but then when I put it in my NeoHome it came out distorted and didn't work correctly, which was very annoying. Then I decided to have another go with CSS and it came out with NeoHome version 2, however that was a lot of mainance, so I scrapped that and started to work on this style, with inner.HTML, and with Splitter's help.

[ ImageShack ]

    ImageShack is the best host that I can find right now (unless you want to use Lycos, but that can prove difficult for some), it's quick and easy to use. You don't have to register, all you have to do is upload the image, and take the URL.

[ FreeWebs ]

    The only host left that hasn't died out on me yet. Or that has deleted my account, or started to charge money.. They allow 50 images max, which I would say was pretty reasonable, they're pretty quick, and it's free to register.

Click on a name to get some information about them. It will appear in a new post below this current one.

Fifth Column
Furious Faction
Guezz Whoez Back
Mario Man
Snow Kitten
Superfast Oz
My buddy Adidas. We talk on AIM quite a bit. I don't really know what about, but this dude is cool. Although he's an ex-moderator, and we all know how stupid they all are! =D We 'meet' at Open Mic, where I 'meet' most of the people on this list, mainly because most people at Open Mic aren't idiot n00bs. Although Adidas is basically an idiot n00b. Nah, I'm joking he's cool people, Thanks 'Das.
Good ol' hollywood, moderates Open Mic and Wrestling, and he's got on my good side. Dude knows a lot about everything. He's helped me out a bit with producing spits at Open Mic, so in my book that makes him pretty cool.
Beast.. well most people think we hate each other.. again someone I meet through Open Mic. We always had our little 'flame' wars. Which I have to say are just funny. Although he still has much, much more d/r's at Open Mic than I do, so people are always on his side.
Now Bloodsin is always willing to help me out when I have any moderating trouble, so for that I have to thank him. So thanks bro. Other than that he listens to me complaining about how I have thousands of stupid little bugs flying around my room at night.
Now this guy had one stern talk with me nearly around a year ago. He told me how much of an idiot I was, and how much I looked like a n00b with my spamming ways. So he told me to learn how to spell correctly, and basically use the English language properly. And now I'm a great member. =P
Del and me had a great battle a few months ago. He was on the return and so was I, but I thought that I may have a chance anyway, did I? Nope, he schooled me! But it still showed everyone that I meant business, and that I actually could spit.
OMG, Furious Faction, aka GAMESTOP03. He is the best internet friend I could have asked for, he helped me out with everything. Showed me how to use MarkUp properly, and basically put up with my whining to him, about every little problem that I had.
Fifth Prophet, Arcane Column, whatever you wish to call him, is a miniature version of me. He aspires to be the type of mod that I am.. a good one. LOL. Nah, Fifth is cool, even though originally I forgot him from this section, and he had to remind me to put him in. LOL. I've talked to him on a somewhat regular basis, well.. kinda.. but that was back when he wanted to co-mod SmackDown vs. Raw with me, but I have to say thanks to him for helping out whilst I was away on vacation, even if he did a crap job. =D J/P. But he's still cool to talk to.. he makes me laugh..
GWB, well he was my first battle at Open Mic.. I whipped his ass so badly. Who can spell KO? But then we battled again, and he beat me, but it was only a one rounder, so that doesn't count. =P And then a couple of months ago we had a third battle, in which I KO'd him again. So currently I'm up four rounds to one.
iplaywithfire/Forensyx he can be pretty cool, although we had a bit of a 'fall out' a while ago. But I think we've basically just let it go now. Other than that, he's pretty cool.
jadedwolf, a great little number, lol. Jaded's pretty cool for a girl, although she can't really rap at all. Haha, nah I'm messing. I'd say she was the most 'down-to-earth' female I know on Neo And you don't wanna mess with here either, I here she's pretty dangerous. Stay sweet baby. =P
King basically only ever asks me for banners, although he says that he's not going to ask for any more now, but I don't believe it. King has been a great moderator to the Open Mic forum, and has easily been around for the longest. So congrats King, and for being a great mod, you get a space here.
Lojik has to be one of the most laid back "I don't care" kind of guys. He can be quite funny at times, but his mood seems to change quite a bit.. and his AIM screen name too. =P He's the third moderator at Open Mic, and has to be the most strange. LOL. Thanks Lojik, for making Neoseeker much more interesting.
Lupe, well this dude is FUNNY. He always has me laughing. C=| Haha. We're now in a final for the Middle-Weight championship at Open Mic, and if I don't win it, then he's the man that I would want to win the championship. He's also quite a bit of an insomniac, much like myself, so he's always cool to stay up late with.
He's someone that I've only just started to talk to a bit, but he's still pretty cool for a kid. =P And now he's a moderator too. Who on earth gave him a moderator spot? Damn that is crazy. I used to make him banners, way back when. (When he was Goldberg129) See ya around Goldberg.
Mastah helped me with my old NeoHome and also made Retina-FX, which I respect him for.. although at the moment the site is currently down, because they lost their hosting time. Which is very annoying, because I had a lot hosted on the site, but he's still cool.
She is so cool. I'm not even joking, we've spoken quite a bit. Although not too much recently.. I've been quite busy, and haven't had that much time on the internet. But anyway, she's so caring. Thanks.
It's quite sad actually, we really haven't been talking much recently. But a few months ago we did talk quite a bit, and she's a great girl. Thanks Nova, and we need to start talking some more again.
Splitter, this dude rocks, he knows everything about HTML, and has helped me out so much with this NeoHome. I'm so glad I asked him for some help, otherwise this NeoHome would have taken me much, much longer to get together. Thank you so much Splitter.
submodality helped me out with graphics a while ago, not too much, but enough to get a mention here, because with out her, I wouldn't have been able to use one of my best banners here on Neo.
Oz is a cool guy, I don't talk to him that much, but he's still pretty cool. And it's interesting when I do actually talk to him. But other than that, if I need any help with moderating then Oz always seems to be willing to help me. Thanks.