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I started out on Neoseeker, much like many other members; searching for cheats for GTA: 3. And although I was around, I didn't become a member until I started searching the Vice City Forum. I checked it out for a while, and kept a close eye on the Picture Editing thread, which I was into at the time; editing images in certain programmes, to pass by my spare time, as a youngin'. After a while I had enough courage to sign up, so on March 1st I signed up with the account known as Game Crazy, which in hindsight, was a terrible name. I think my first post must have been asking how to post up pictures, so that I could post my edits, although when it came to everything, I couldn't use markup at all, as most newbies can't. This is when Furious Faction (then known as GAMESTOP03) came into the picture and helped me with everything.

I'm 18 years old and was born on January 2nd 1988, I go to college in England and have lived in the same house the whole of my life, I enjoy rap, graphics, soccer, running and other sports. I'm about to pass my three and a half year mark here on Neoseeker, which is cool, I'm quite surprised that I have lasted this long though. But thanks to everyone that has made my time here so great!

My life here on Neo has been quite interesting. I really matured after I received a site-wide ban, which in fact, I am so grateful that I got. Because it meant that I had time to improve upon every one of my flaws, and I started to actually spell correctly and use grammar somewhat correctly. Which meant that I had everything that someone needs on Neo, I knew every piece of markup off by heart, and could now spell and use grammar correctly. I first applied to become a moderator a couple of years ago, however Moderator Requests lost my application, so I obviously didn't get the position, although again, I'm very glad that I didn't get the position, because it meant that I applied for SmackDown! vs. Raw, which as you probably will know, I used to moderate, which was amazing! And as of August 15th 2004 I got asked if I wanted to mod Here Comes the Pain too, so of course I said yes, so from then, and over the next few months I had two permanent moderator positions.

The week of 4th - 10th of December 2004 was quite a turbulent time for me. On the Sunday I was asked to moderate Open Mic, which has been something I've always wanted to do - that was less shocking than what was about to unfold in the next few days, as me moderating Open Mic was talked about for quite some time. However, probably the most shocking thing in my Neo-life unfolded on the 8th of December.. I came back from soccer practise, and found I had a few NeoPM's, so I went into my inbox to find out that I had been sent a NeoPM, asking me to moderate Loungin', and of course, as you can probably tell now, I accepted the spot. Moderating the lounge is a great experience, and I'm so glad that I was considered for the spot - I've been in there for coming on a year and a half, I don't know how long the longest serving mod lasted in Loungin' but I have to be up there?! ^_^ It's obviously had it's good moments, but on the other hand, I've hated it at other times. It's a lot of work, especially when a lot of the time you're doing it by yourself - it is the biggest forum on the site by miles, and moderating the place is stressful - that is undisputable.

Beside Loungin' I've picked up a few more forums, and one section, together totalling 14, I believe. I'm actually usually a pretty busy guy when it comes to it, especially now-a-days, although I always make sure I find time to mod, just because of what the site has given me over the last few years. Even though sometimes some of the stuff which goes down on this site is a serious piss-take. I've put months of work into this site, and I wouldn't take it back for anything, but when certain things go down, it really makes me question why I continue.

I'll also apologise now for two things, one being that I don't reply-sign people's guestbooks, I get too many, so for me to reply to one, would mean I'd have to reply to everyone, which would be insane. The same goes with chat-NeoPM's. I'll very rarely reply to a NeoPM which is just to chat, I'm sorry, but if I was to chat with people all the time, I'd have no time to do everything I'm supposed to do on the site. So please don't get mad, as I'm not meaning to ignore you to piss you off.

I'm now moderating Site Related, and Loungin' at the same time, which is quite interesting, but it's a lot easier than I thought it would be. Site Related was always somewhere which I wanted to moderate, and was a massive aspiration for me when I was a younger member. Where I go from here is a mystery to even myself, there's a lot of stuff up in the air, and I could really do with a change soon-ish.

There's been a lot of problems for me in the last few months on Neo, although with some discussion with people, things are starting to straighten out - it's just where they go from here which is the interesting part. My time on the site, as I've just got a part-time job (whilst I'm at uni) is becoming much more limited, so things are not only busier, but also more tiring to find time to come online and deal with all you guys. =P

I wonder when this will next get updated... lol.


Graphics, Rap and Sports, mainly football (soccer)


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Oct 12, 2004

At first, to me, the game looks like a brighter version of GTA: III to me, and they are very similar games, mainly because they run off of the same game engine. The game is set in the 1980's, (in Miami, Florida) which is pretty obvious from the...


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