Complete remake of my 3 year old bio:
Hai. I'm 15, an (almost) straight guy, I don't have a girlfriend (or a boyfriend for that matter), I play WoW, Aion, pen-and-paper D&D, V:tM and Warhammer, and live-action V:tM. I'm also borderline emo and a weeaboo. So, I'm your garden-variety no-lifer. Not that it's rare here, but well, it's still a cause for self-pity, considering I'm not fugly, and I'm reasonably tolerable to be around. I'm getting depressed from just writing this.


WoW, Aion, Alesana, Atreyu, V:tM, D&D, Twilight, pretending to be a Tara Gilesbie-esque goth-emo-punk-anime-character wannabe.


Choke on blood as your knife ends the show,
Writhe in pain you thought you'd never know.

Really, will I ever come over this period?
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