Its 2:57 AM, and I have nothing better to do.

I came to neo looking for cheats. Fire Emblem, specificly. (Screw spelling.)So I go, and find a forum. I join, and stay up til' 3 AM the following day, getting flamed for visiting the forum there, by Hot Head, I believe. Now, I have friends. Although most are from other communities, such as Pokemon. My three best friends, Dark Arcanine, Golden Magikarp, and Swift Finch have been through many hardships with me... Times I do not want to talk about. I've enjoyed a nice neo-life so-far, and plan to continue it. I recently became obsessed with Naruto and Deathnote.

Its now 3:03.

I hate them damn bastard Kricitune. My sister used liek 86 pokeballs tring to catch it, on MY game! And saved it! Damn, I wish she wasn't a girl... Yes, I have dignity. So if I'm ever training a weak pogeyman, and come across one. It is ****ing dead.


I'm 12. I have a job at a grocery store, stacking shelves. I love Cola, and Dr. Pepper.

I hate those DAMNED CHIA PETS! I wanna kick 'em in the place so they won't have babies!

Its 3:07, and I'm bored.

Neo Family!
Neo Bro - Dark Arcanine
Neo Bro - Shinigami_Ichigo
Neo Sis - CardCaptor Sakura
Neo Nephew - Golden Magikarp

Mah Real Family -
Me (Me)
Brother (The Emblems Fire)
Sister (Cloud nine)

I've now been perma-banned for soemthing I didn't do. To all my friends at neo, I leave you with this. I won't forget you. My friends here were great. Almost as great as my real life ones. I'll miss you all.

Kia... Tim... If you are reading this, I am sorry.


Anime/Manga - Naruto Inuyasha Deathnote

Books - Harry Potter

Games - Far too many

Best ever thing - BUNNIES!

(\ /)
( . .) <---Bunny!
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why the hell should I tell you?

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