Right then, if you think I'm an idiot because I'm not a fan of something you think is the greatest in the world, then don't bother telling me.

As for my Neofriends, I don't really have a favorite, but I do have a few that I talk to more than others:

Hikari Sora
Crow Phoenix
Dr Casey

If you ever wanna be on my list of friends or foes, or just chat, PM me, I try and stay friendly, I must be good at it, or I wouldn't have the friends I do. Either that or they're just nice enough to pretend they're my friends. XD


As far as games go, I like puzzles, strategy, some platform, and RPGs. I don't have the X-Box, Wii, or PS3, but I have everything else.

Final Fantasy, Xenosaga, Devil may Cry, and Zelda are some of my favorite series.

As far as music goes, progressive and classic rock are pretty much my favorite. But I also listen to jazz and a bunch of anime soundtracks, especially the ones by Yoko Kanno.

Porcupine Tree, Rush, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Michael Manring, and Led Zeppelin are just some of tons of artists and bands I like.


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