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I'm sitting here thinking about this bombshell that just went off an hour or so ago and I'm already thinking about so

So apparently this huge issue with 2/3 of the internet was uncovered recently. Enormities of shit are apparently going down.

Hey, look, another one of these threads! Title says all; I have exactly one Starf Berry to go to the lucky trader who could

Does this mean I win? O:

I don't know what it is, but lately I've been doing exactly what the title says - Playing Mind Anime. What does this mean? Hum. Well, I don't know who 'coined' the term EXACTLY, but I DO know that I picked this term up from tkman117, whom also plays this game every so often. What is it? Think of, well, anime, only you do it in your head. You could be reading a book, or plotting some fiction, or whatever. However, the picture in your head is in the signature style of anime. You know - the stylistic ginormous colorful eyes on EVERYTHING, the multicolor hair of impossible length and style, and the ability of things to go chibi and whatnot. I can't say I'm familiar with all of the terms, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to get at here.

I myself don't watch any anime currently. However, in my past years, I had the luxury of growing up with Pokemon. The infamously horrid 4Kids original, yes. Although, admittedly, I never got up and watched it on TV. To date, I don't believe I've ever watched a single episode of Pokemon on live television that wasn't a re-run on Boomerang - and even then, not many. I did, however, grow up with the movies, in addition to a cutesy little film called Kiki's Delivery Service that we somehow happened to own. This hooked me into Pokemon to the grave, having burrowed its way into my brain and declaring a monopoly on my nostalgia well. So, I naturally have gravitated to the anime style over the years as opposed to my native American cartoons. (Erm, no, not "Native American cartoons", as in Cowboys and Indians; that would be different.) Therefore, all of my mental movies, no matter what it is, has turned anime. When I read Harry Potter? Anime'd! When I create plots for my ficticious works? Anime'd! When I receed into my happy place and/or my dreams? Anime'd! I cannot escape the Japanese phsychologial virus!

So, my imaginary readers, do you play Mind Anime?

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My newest pondering - What about those things we once began and suddenly dropped like it never existed? This here blog is a prime example. It sickens me how I can start something so eagerly and then after a little bit forget about it and leave it to rot. Every time it happens and I realize it, I die a little on the inside. I look back to my past and I see the 'glory days' and wonder why I couldn't have just kept going; become something. All of the well-known bloggers, for example, I look up to. I wonder, what is it that they have that I lack? Could I possibly claw my way up to their level in due time? Or have I waited too long; procrastinated to the point where the ship has left port for good?

Reality is crushing. Since no human mind can comprehend another, nor do any two human beings think along the same wavelengths of any event, it's impossible to know what an idol went through to get to their position in relevance to yourself. For all you know, you could be in the fast lane and think you're spiraling down the toilet of failure, or you could be trying fruitlessly to climb the endless staircase of limbo, never getting anywhere, and you think you can still make it with a few more efforts dispite never getting any closer no matter what you do.

I can't help but shed a mental tear knowing that I'm too chicken to pioneer my way into the league of my role models. Of course, that only makes me look like a selfish, shallow idiot - and that comment in itself practially staples a gauge to my forehead labeled 'self esteem' with the needle pointing to 'Empty'. Oye, all I can do is shake my head and let out a sigh when I can't help but feel sad for myself, then attack myself for doing just that, and then attack my attacking myself for stooping to the level of attacking myself, and it spirals into a mental abuse cycle. ...no, not 'extreme'. I don't go that far. It's not like I crack out pills and start cutting my wrists - although I do respect those people; looking down on a person who is vitctimizing (him/her)self is probably one of the worst crimes I can ever imagine.


(reads what I've just written) Oh, there goes my babble again. .... Although, I guess that's what a blog is for. I write what I damn well please. You don't have to read it if you don't want to. And bleh. If you question my logic, go die. No soul should ever question the logic of another. To every man his own - it's what makes us individuals.

(And now for something, completely different)

Hmmph. If you take a look at my title, nay, just what I started out writing, you can easily see that I've come a long way from my initial thesis. If I continue this blog, and if you continue to read, mister or miss Whoeveryouare, I'd avise you adapt to it. I love to tarry around in my musings.~ As Fawful once said, "You must stop and sample the sprinklies in life's salad bar." I don't know about you, but I embrace and endorse that quote, even though hundreds of thousands of people have said similar things in the past and millions more to come in the future.

Huh. I must say that my magnification of absolutely everything might be a factor of TvTropes Having Ruined My Life. Although, I was this way before I discovered the hallowed site. I guess it has contributed, though. I once joined to see if I could ever be like one of the great Tropers, if there are any. ... Hey, here we are back to the start again. Did I plan this? Was this all a clever ruse? Nope. That's just my wacky logic for ya.


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Ah, the sweet smell of nostalgia. What is nostalgia, anyway? I believe I know. Do any of you readers out there remember what it was like to be that 'kid' age? Not a toddler, not a 'tween', just that mid to high single-digit age? I remember back to those days and lament how they have vanished. Euphoria, as a child, could have come from anywhere that in your enlightened mind of the present would never understand. For example, I always used to love Pokemon 2000: The Power of One. Nowadays, when I look back to watch, it's just a terrible movie. But I can smell the nostalgia welling up, a tickling feeling inside that spreads goosebumps across my skin and shivers of pleasure down my spine. Why is it that when you're that 'kid' age, whatever you've experienced to like will be forever stapled to your life and bring you the euphoria that is nostalgia when you come into connection with that thing you came to like? It's like coal; a dead memory that rots in your brain until you have the ability to dig it up, and by that time it's a fuel at your expense to burn as a warm, comforting heat. It makes me claw at my head, cursing my reason for showing me the dark evil truths of the world and wishing to return back to the days where life was but a blur and everything made sense in its own way as you saw it; either that or the ability to dig for more of that brain coal. I adored those days. When you have kids, never hesitate to tell them to cherish their 'kid' years. But don't tell them to bother remembering, either. Inquisitive, educated minds drain the euphoria springs, and then they'll never gat that fuzzy feeling every time grandma makes her special cookies or when those age-old classics from their childhoods are re-run on the tely. So, cherish the years, and never feel ashamed to get high on the nostalgia of yore every once in a while as you age on in this hectic race we call life.


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So, I had this plan today. I wanted to battle a friend over Pokemon Battle Revolution (don't hate, it's amazing with multiplayer), and I had this small plan to take old save data of mine from my older Wii and bring it to my new one via SD card. The reason for this being, my old Wii has all my data, but somehow fails to read discs, so we got a brand new one, and I needed to make a data transfer. However, woe betide that the data is nontransferable with that method, so now I had to dig up my Diamond game from its grave and take out my Pokemon that were banished to the Ranch on my old console, and then transport them in and replay the whole game again to remake my old self. Mostly for cosmetics, but hey! I must be snazzy. So, I ask you, have you ever made a plan that suddenly collapsed due to one wrench being thrown at it? Feel free to tell me your stories; I'm sure that mine is petty to some of them out there.

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Shitshitshitshit... Ever forget something important? I can almost hear the unanimous 'yes'. Goodness, what is it that makes my brain repel things such as homework like so? My grades, they suffer. My friends and family, they probably rage behind my back. And for what? My brain is faulty in the department of memory? It's like condemning a blind person for not being able to read a book. That, or my self-disapline sucks. (Or my spelling.)

Makes me wonder about the human brain sometimes. I'm no neurologist, but I know that nerves communicate with electrical pulses, meaning the brain runs on some sort of binary system. If this is truth, is it possible to measure the capacity of the human mind in gigabytes? If so, how many? Whatever it is, I can tell my RAM is lacking. Not too plentiful in GHz either, if you know what I mean.


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