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Jan 30, 15 4:26pm

Miss being a student. Work full time now and I just never have time to finish any games. Or hang with friends. Or do anything fun really.
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Aug 29, 13 4:16pm

So, the worst Tales game ever made. The Tale of Ten Hours. (It took me closer to 11 hours to complete, but that's okay.) But anyway, I finally beat Tales of the Tempest last night (or early this morning if you want to get technical) and I'm going to be shot, but I really enjoyed Tempest.

-Most of the characters
-respectable story which no doubt needs improvement
-Awesome artes
-Beast Transformation
-the occasional humorous scene
-awesome opening song

-clunky battle system
-Rubia Natwick
-lazy opening artwork

So really, the pros really outweigh the cons here. I really liked Forest, Tilkis, Arria, and Lukius. Caius and Rommy were alright, and I really hated Rubia. She was just so obnoxious. At least she only got kidnapped once. That was a positive for her. But anyway, at the begining of the game, the menu system really annoyed me. I adapted really quickly though and didn't remotely mind shortly into the game. I credit this to how many RPG's I've played on the NES and SNES where you had to manually input everything. Tempest as a whole seemed like an SNES game with better graphics. The only side quests were delivery ones, which was okay, I didn't really expect much more out of it after hearing all the bad things about it.

To get into depth with the characters, I was pleasntly surprised by how much I liked the cast. Forest was my favorite playable character. Great axe fighting skills and quite a few awesome artes (Lunar Blow f*ckers! >:D I got a triple kill using that at one point. I was very pleased with myself) Tilkis was kind of neat, although I wish we would have been able to visit his home country of Shenshiba. Arria was cool. I knew she was leaking information pretty quick. Playing Tales games I've just learned to pick up on the people who betray you. She didn't feel like she was doing any harm though, and just helping out a childhood friend. Until Albert wanted to kill her newfound friends. After that, she was able to stand up to him and protect everyone. She even came clean to the party before his attack on Laurus and informed everyone of everything. I'm also a huge fan of ArriaxTilkis. I thought they're short little relationship scenes were cute. "I rejected you so you're ordering me to stay in Shenshiba!?" LMFAO Caius was just a typical JRPG hero, and I've already typed it, but I'll type it again. Rubia sucked. Lukius was neat. I consider him part of the party even though he technically isn't I guess. but whatever, he is in my mind because he should have been. Maybe in Tempest R. Which I'm not super pumped for.

The opening song, VS. Yeah, I really loved that one. Probably my favorite opening song. Most of the rest of the opening was pretty lazy to Tales standard, but eh, oh well.

Decent RPG? I'd say so. It just doesn't quite measure up to the Tales legacy.

So, this is Drew Townsend, and I am defending Tales of the Tempest.

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Jun 05, 11 1:37pm

This was a good movie and I probably would have given it a higher rating, if it wasn't in 3D. (I saw it in 3D much to my disgust.) Now through this review, you may here me rant several times about how much I hate 3D. If you are offended, suck it up.

Thor starts off with a history lesson! Just like you were still in school. It shows battles and such between Thor's people and a race called Ice Giants. The Ice Giants were supposedly trying to conquer Earth. Thor's people try to help the humans to stop them. They manage to drive back the ice giants all the way back to their home planet. The norseman's King, Odin, stormed the Ice Giants' planet and took their power source.

Twenty or so years pass since then and Thor with his brother Loki are getting around pretty good. Thor is about to be named the new King or heir or something when Ice Giants try to steal back their power source. Thos stops them and leads a charge to the Ice Giant's home planet. When he returns, he is striped of all rank and power and sent to Earth to learn a lesson. he can have his hammer, Mjolner, when he learns the lesson he's sent to Earth to learn. A bunch of stuff happens. Thor breaks out of a hospital, gets arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives and then he somehow passes of as a scientist.

It seems like Thor is only on Earth for a few days when a big metal thing that breathes fire is sent from Loki to kill his "brother". Thor's comrades also arrive to help him fight. Everyone gets creamed by the metal thing. Again and again and once more. When the metal thing is about to shoot his fire towards the Earth girl that Thor's been hanging out with, Thor leaps into the line of fire and gets hit instead. His hammer comes flying in from a few miles away and he then gets his royal battle armor (or something back) and kills the metal thing. He flies back to his home and shit goes down.

The story was lacking in some parts. I had the displeasure of seeing it in 3D and there wasn't a single 3D moment. If you have to waste an extra couple of bucks to go see it, shouldn't there at least be something in 3D!? And the best part is, it was originally filmed in 2D but they changed it to 3D for the stupid 3D craze that's going on!

Anyway...yeah the story had a couple of holes in it but wasn't that bad. The fight scenes were amazing like most Marvel movies. A lot of the characters were interesting too. It was fun to see the reactions between people. Overall I think the movie was a solid 7/10. It got considerable worse once it was in 3D. You had to wear those stupid glasses so that your eyes could concentrate and there wasn't any 3D! So that only just barely deserves a 5/10 I'll come back through and re edit this after it's left theaters or come out on DVD/Blu Ray. That way I can tell and critizize more of the story. So come back in a few months.

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Jun 05, 11 1:06pm

I honestly don't see why a lot of people don't seem to like this movie. Anyway, here's my thoughts on the whole shabang. I'll do reviews for all of them over time.

So the first movie, "Curse of the Black Pearl", started off being okay. Introduced the characters..
"Dead Man's Chest" introduced the actual story and everything picked up.
"At World's End" I thought was amazing. Interesting story, epic battles, and at the very end, a hint for the next movie featuring Capt'n Jack Sparrow.

This movie starts off with Mr. Gibbs being in court. And the judge is none other than... Jack Sparrow. After a rather funny and interesting scene involving Mr. Gibbs being Jack(?) he gets sentenced to life in prison. Jack's payed off the driver to drive them both the docks, but the East India Trading Company payed him to bring them both to Jail. After several more things. You'll learn several more interesting...things. Barbosa lost the pearl. He is now working for the E.I.D.C. And he lost a leg. Jack ends up aboard Blackbeards ship, they sail around, capture a smoking hot mermaid, make her cry, find some cups, and then make it to The Fountain of Youth!

(Not doing an extremly detailed review cause some people probably wouldn't thank me.)

So anyway, I rather enjoyed this movie. There was enough interesting things going on that it actually kept you amused most of the way through the movie. You might get bored here and there but it's not that bad. The acting was suberb. And what would a Pirates movie be without it's awesome soundtrack? There was some holes in what happened between movies but those will probably be covered in the next movie or two.

Solid story, great acting, great music, hot mermaids, zombie things, a sword with magical powers, and the Fountain of Youth. What more could ya want matey? Anyway, overall I think I'll give this movie an 8/10 It was close to a 7 because of the slow moving story at parts but it was still a better than average movie and I don't see why so many people aren't satisfied with it.

(I'll re-edit this entire review once the movie is out of theaters or on DVD/Blu Ray. I have a feeling to many people would be mad if I went into to much detail.


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May 21, 11 10:34am

Halo: Combat Evolved. Xbox. Rated M.

Even though this game is 9 or 10 years old, I'm still gonna do a review on it cause it still seems popular. Also I'll probably end up doing reviews for much older games than this anyway. So then let's begin!

Halo is a giant ring world located somewhere in space. It's basically the ultimate weapon. It has the power to wipe out all life in the universe. And alien alliance made up of the (In Human Terms) Grunts, Jackals, Hunters, Elites, Brutes, some kind of bug thing, and one more thing that I can't remember the name of. It's like a jackal and I think it's only in Halo reach. Only the Grunts, Elites, Jackals, and Hunters are in the 1st Halo. Anyway, they call themselves "The Covenant" and are led by three aliens called Prophets. They believe that they have a holy cause wiping out all other life in the universe. And guess what. Humans are life.

The game starts with a giant human space ship coming under attack from the Covenant. The Captain of the ship, Captain Jacob Keyes, sees Halo and orders all personel to evacute to Halo. The view swaps to the cargo hold where a large tube thing opens up. Out comes Spartan 117. Otherwise known as the Master Chief or the dude you play as. The last known human super soldier from awhile ago. The guys kinda an obnoxious green with black patches everywhere. He basically looks like an armored Power Ranger and sounds a bit like Duke Nukem (though probably not intentionally) The game first four or five levels of the game go basically like this. Escape! Survive! Save Capt. Keyes! Mind the map room! Shoot the hell out of any aliens you see! Although a bit more strategy I suppose. Not much though. In fifth or six level you go looking for some missing marines who of course, are dead. And around them are another alien race called the Flood. They look like little alien heads with tentacles coming out of them that run around on the floor. The best part about them, they take over dead bodies. So the next few levels are basically. Save Humans! Kill everything else! Oh my god a machine that talks! It wants to destroy everything using Halo! And we just gave it the key to do that.....whoops.

So at this point just about everything is dead. Most of the humans, covenant, and there's still lots and lots of Flood and machines that the other machine called 343 Guilty Spark is controlling. The machines are fighting the flood. I guess both were locked up on Halo for some reason and Halo was just a weapon to destroy the Flood if it ever got loose. Halo was built by a super intelligent race called the Forerunners that just magically disappeared. They're the ones that built Halo and a bunch of other super advanced stuff.

So all this brings us to the end of the story, last level. The ship that you were originally on ended up crashing on Halo. Your mission is basically to make that explode which should destroy the whole damn ring. And so, you enter the self destruct code, and then 343 disabales it and starts laughing. So now, you have to manually though a grenade or shoot a Rocket Launcher shot into 4 different vent things in the ship that supposedly makes it explode. So everything starts going boom! And you have to drive out of the whole thing driving a four wheeler with a turrents mounted on it called a Warthog. In under 5 minutes I think. And so it begins. Away you go just running over all the Flood and Covenant that are trying to also escape. You make it to a ship thing and hop on and get out of there just in time. As the only human survivor. Besides Seargent Johnson anyway. (You'll find out what happens to him if you beat the game on Legendary Difficulty.) Every thing goes boom and you fly off into space.

The game was well ahead of it's time for it's 2001 release date. And to this day is still a fun shooter. The different weapons you can use and the vehicles you drive can make it a fun game. Character wise. It basically sucks. You have your main character who almost never talks, and an annoying AI in your head called Cortana. Keyes died, everyone else died except for Johnson who really wasn't that bad. 343 was just a machine that ended up being very crazy and that's about it for characters. The story is interesting, but it doesn't really drive you to finish it. A lot of places, you can predict what's gonna happen. Also it requires very little strategy or skill to beat it on Normal difficulty. I think the first time I beat it, I was 9 or 10 years old. Thought the game was awesome at the time not nearly as awesome now that I've played other games. Over all this game deserves a 7/10 for it's gameplay and multiplayer basically. It's character development and storyline is a bit lacking but it's a solid game over all.

xbox 360

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May 17, 11 5:11pm

Left 4 Dead. Rated M. 360 version.

One of the best zombie apocalypse games ever. Left 4 Dead's opening scene starts up with 4 survivors (Zoey=Chick, Bill=Old, Louis=Black, Francis=Biker Dude) walking around in an alley and finding a dead special infected called the Boomer.

Let me start at the beginning. 2 weeks before the start of the game, a disease started called the Green Flu. Millions of people started trying to evacuate. A lot of them didn't make it. This means that there are tons of zombies walking around on the streets wanting to eat your flesh. Sounds exciting right? I'm not done. Some of them mutated. They took on certain qualities that made them "special" compared to the rest of the infected. First off there's the Smoker. A tall zombie that grabs survivors with it's tongue as they're trying to move along. The Second S.I. (Special Infected) is the Hunter. he jumps from tall places, and lands on you and starts tearing out your guts. The third S.I. is the Boomer. He's a really fat zombie that kinda waddles around puking on people. The thing is though, the puke attracts other zombies to come and hit you. The fourth S.I. is called the Witch. She won't attack you if you don't startle her. But there's so many achievements for startling her that you might as well. She basically sits in a corner (or right in your way) and cries. Yes that's right. She cries. you're probably thinking "She cries? Yeah cause that's reeall dangerous ain't it." The problem is though as mentioned before is if you startle her. She runs towards you at a high speed and as soon as she touches you, you're incapacitated. And she sits there and tries to rip out your guts with her claws. Until you die. Painfully. Oh yeah, and if you're on Expert difficulty, she kills you instantly. :DThe last S.I. which is really just bad ass and gets his own theme music, is called the Tank. Think... a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger (The way he used to be) combined with the Incredible Hulk. That's right, you're getting the picture. Big freakin zombie that will pound the shit out of you if he can catch you. He also throws concrete, cars, round bales, trees, etc. at you as he goes.

So yeah, that's the basics of the Left 4 Dead world, now let me catch you up on the story.
No Mercy No Mercy is the first map you start on. You start on the rooftop of a building, travel down through the sewers, and finally pop up near Mercy Hospital. Which of course, is filled with zombies. You fight like hell to get to the top of the hospital where you can call in a chopper for evac. You also have to fight off hordes of zombies and several Tanks while you wait. But then you finally make it to safety! Or not...
Crash Course (DLC) So then, Zoey shot the helicopter pilot. Apparently he was turning. So the chopper crashes and you are all actually fine. So basically same thing, you fight your way to a bus station where you find an armored truck, and escape.
Death Toll This now brings us to Death Toll. Presumably the bus ran out of gas and you had to start walking again. You fight your way first to a church where the crazy church guy rings the bell. These zombies are attracted to sound by the way. So lots of zombies come, you kill them or die. Depends how good you are, and you force your way into the saferoom where the church guy has become either a Smoker, Boomer, or Hunter. You continue on to a boat house. There's a radio in there that you can call evac in with. A fishing vessel comes to pick you up. After a giant battle of course.
Dead Air The boat people kicked you off because they were having marital problems. (Who wouldn't at a time like this?) This of course leads us to Dead Air where you fight your way through hordes more of zombies and escape on a plane driven by a guy with a Southern Accent
Blood Harvest The plane crashes and the map starts with the survivors at a camp site. They continue on throughout lots and lots of woods until they find a lone farm house. You call in evac from the army this time! An armored rescue carrier comes racing in and saving you from certain doom! Maybe...
The Sacrifice (DLC) This is the last playable campaign. And someone... doesn't make it. Between Blood Harvest and The Sacrifice your group went to an army outpost, found out that they were carriers of the disease, and started up a train and got the hell out of there. Leaving all the army people and the doctor to die at the last stand at the lighthouse. Sacrifice starts with the group getting off the train and Zoey being mad at Bill for leaving all those people behind. Bills grand scheme is to find a sailboat with lots of supplies in it and flee to the Florida Keyes. The group finds one such sailboat but have to raise a big, metal, squeky bridge to get it out of harbor. The group start up the generators to start the bridge up. They fought off all the zombies and were on the bridge as it was going up when...one of the generators stopped. Realizing how important the rest of the team was to him. Bill jumps off the bridge and restarts the generator. As three Tanks start clobbering him until Bill has made The ultimate Sacrifice. (In the game, you get to choose who dies.)

All of the maps detailed above are very replayable and the acheivements are fun and a challenge to get. The characters slowly grow on you the more you play it and you end up realizing how sad you actually are that Bill died. VALVe (the creator of the game) did release the Sacrifice comic on l4d. com if anyone would like to read that before picking up the game. The replay value of this is fantastic though and their are plenty of little inside jokes for VALVe and zombie fans everywhere. Because of how just sucked into the story you get and how much the characters really start to mean to you (after 100 hours or so of playtime :P I think I've got close to 300 hours so yeah...) you truly start to appreciate the game. It was new and original for it's 2008 release date. The only slight downsides of this game are... on Versus and Survival modes there are so many spammers and people that use glitches that it's really not fun to get voted out because you're not like them. I believe the L4D servers are shutting down soon anyway so I guess that won't really be a big problem anymore. And the maps do get old after a while. You do basically the same thing on every single map. Over all, I'll give the game an 8/10 the way it is now. If they ever release more DLC for it than it might get better or worse.

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May 17, 11 4:20pm

Hey everyone, I decided to start up a review site online for movies, game, and that's probably it. Thought it'd be a cool idea to start with the blog on Neoseeker. So here's my first game review, Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo Gamecube!

Symphonia is unique in many ways. Very lovable characters and a storyline that really makes you want to keep playing. I'll start off with a quick backstory taken pretty much from the game (Not sure if it's exact since I'm reciting this from memory.
"Once upon a time, there existed a giant tree that was the source of mana. A war however, caused the tree to wither away, and a heroes life was sacrificed in order to take it's place. Grieving over the loss, the Goddess dissapeared unto the heavens. She left the angels with this edict, 'You must wake me. For if I should sleep, the world will be destroyed.' The angels bore the Chosen One, who headed to the tower that reached up unto the heavens. And that, marked the regeneration of the world."

Now if nothing else, it has a kick ass opening musical scene and then this to just get you pumped. The story starts out with the main protagonist, Lloyd Irving, standing in a classroom hearing about the history of the world. Sleeping. Sleeping while standing holding water buckets. You can tell this guy is going to be awesome! After the history part of the game, a bright light flashes from up in the mountains. It's the signal for the Chosen One, Lloyd's best friend Colette Brunel. A bunch of stuff happens and the little town of Iselia that they live in gets destroyed. Lloyd starts on a path of redemption of sorts and travels around with Colette releasing the seals. Along their journey, they meet lots of awesome individuals. Some of them join your party. These people along with Lloyd and Colette are Genis Sage, a young spell caster half elf. Raine Sage, his older sister that is skilled in healing artes. Kratos Aurion, one of my favorite characters in the game that makes you think he's just a mercenary. Sheena Fujibayashi, a ninja from another world. Zelos Wilder, that other world's Chosen One (Yes there's two.) Presea Combatir, a young girl at the appearance of about 14-16 that works as a wood cutter. And Regal Bryant, an escaped convict that was sent to murder the Chosen One(s).

Most of the party members are pretty awesome. I never really liked Raine or Presea's whole story, but that's just me. The antagonists of the game are also rather incredible. In fact, you'll fight up to 4 out of 9 of your party members by the end of the game. You just can't trust anyone these days. Other antagonists also actually include a lot of angels that are trying to basically rule the world. Now come on, which other game can you think of that has the angels as the bad and corrupted guys? None that I can think of.

Now that you know a lot of the backstory, I can give you my full honest review. This is one of the best games that I have played in my entire life! Granted that I am only 15 years old, but I've played a lot of the classics. Some people might not pick up this game just because of the cover art. It's Japanese. Get over it. This is a truly incredible game. Also "Don't choose a book by it's cover." Yeah remember that while you are picking out video games to play. Anyway, since this game has awesome characters, an incredible storyline, and even walking around on the world map is fun. (You get to ride a giant dog thing!) I'd probably give this game....
A 9 out of 10. I'm usually a harsh critic, but this game deserves that rating. Don't forget to check out the Tales wiki on Neoseeker (along with the rest of the wikis) and feel free to contribute all you know about well... anything!

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