I'm buying this. I should go download Project Spark in preparation. It's been much to long since I've played Conker read more

Love all the Fire Emblem stuff today <3 sad we won't get it till 2016 though read more

Miss being a student. Work full time now and I just never have time to finish any games. Or hang with friends. Or do anything fun really

Nice job guys! Everyone appreciates how much work the two of you (and many others) do for the website! read more

I'm curious to see if they'll keep it as casual as Awakening was. I heard that Awakening was... read more

Deathspank! xD It's been forever since I've heard that name.

I've wanted to pick up this game... read more

Tales, Halo, Persona, Pokemon...THERE ARE TOO MANY GAMES TO PLAY
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All characters will still have their normal mystic artes. These are just cameo ones. Lailah's is... read more

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Both Xillia and Xillia 2 were two years behind Japan xD

Zestiria should be out next year since... read more

The cameo costumes are out too! Ludger as Luca, Muzet as Sheena, and Gaius as Dymlos

and Hell... read more

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