Apr 13, 16 6:54pm
End of semester is brutal.
Mar 13, 16 11:02am
Fire Emblem Fates > the game you're playing
Dec 5, 15 11:30pm
Replaying Tales of Xillia! :D
Sep 3, 15 11:35pm
Learning to walk again! FooFighters
Aug 16, 15 12:43pm
Had surgery on my ankle. Can't walk at all :O
Jan 30, 15 4:28pm
Miss being a student. Work full time now and I just never have time to finish any games. Or hang with friends. Or do anything fun really
Fauve blogged
Jan 30, 15 4:26pm

Miss being a student. Work full time now and I just never have time to finish any games. Or hang with friends. Or do anything fun really.
Nov 22, 14 11:02pm
Tales, Halo, Persona, Pokemon...THERE ARE TOO MANY GAMES TO PLAY
Aug 28, 14 1:32pm
Xillia 2 Time
Fauve shared a news (@bluexy)
Apr 18, 14 9:06pm
The third Tales game that we'll be getting this year! So excited! <3


Consider last week's Tales of Hearts R localization rumor official after a leaked video announcement from Hideo Babe, Tales series Producer, has found its way online. In the video Hideo comments how in 2013 he attended many fan events across the wor....

Jan 2, 14 9:30pm
Got my Xbox One! :D
Nov 1, 13 7:41pm
Taking a break from facebook. Way to addicted. So far...22 hours. Damn this is hard.
Kirvee Fauve
Sep 17, 13 6:51am
http://bit.ly/1el3HsH I made a funny I guess IDK if you'd like.
Fauve blogged
Aug 29, 13 4:16pm

So, the worst Tales game ever made. The Tale of Ten Hours. (It took me closer to 11 hours to complete, but that's okay.) But anyway, I finally beat Tales of the Tempest last night (or early this morning if you want to get technical) and I'm going to be shot, but I really enjoyed Tempest.

-Most of the characters
-respectable story which no doubt needs improvement
-Awesome artes
-Beast Transformation
-the occasional humorous scene
-awesome opening song

-clunky battle system
-Rubia Natwick
-lazy opening artwork

So really, the pros really outweigh the cons here. I really liked Forest, Tilkis, Arria, and Lukius. Caius and Rommy were alright, and I really hated Rubia. She was just so obnoxious. At least she only got kidnapped once. That was a positive for her. But anyway, at the begining of the game, the menu system really annoyed me. I adapted really quickly though and didn't remotely mind shortly into the game. I credit this to how many RPG's I've played on the NES and SNES where you had to manually input everything. Tempest as a whole seemed like an SNES game with better graphics. The only side quests were delivery ones, which was okay, I didn't really expect much more out of it after hearing all the bad things about it.

To get into depth with the characters, I was pleasntly surprised by how much I liked the cast. Forest was my favorite playable character. Great axe fighting skills and quite a few awesome artes (Lunar Blow f*ckers! >:D I got a triple kill using that at one point. I was very pleased with myself) Tilkis was kind of neat, although I wish we would have been able to visit his home country of Shenshiba. Arria was cool. I knew she was leaking information pretty quick. Playing Tales games I've just learned to pick up on the people who betray you. She didn't feel like she was doing any harm though, and just helping out a childhood friend. Until Albert wanted to kill her newfound friends. After that, she was able to stand up to him and protect everyone. She even came clean to the party before his attack on Laurus and informed everyone of everything. I'm also a huge fan of ArriaxTilkis. I thought they're short little relationship scenes were cute. "I rejected you so you're ordering me to stay in Shenshiba!?" LMFAO Caius was just a typical JRPG hero, and I've already typed it, but I'll type it again. Rubia sucked. Lukius was neat. I consider him part of the party even though he technically isn't I guess. but whatever, he is in my mind because he should have been. Maybe in Tempest R. Which I'm not super pumped for.

The opening song, VS. Yeah, I really loved that one. Probably my favorite opening song. Most of the rest of the opening was pretty lazy to Tales standard, but eh, oh well.

Decent RPG? I'd say so. It just doesn't quite measure up to the Tales legacy.

So, this is Drew Townsend, and I am defending Tales of the Tempest.
Aug 24, 13 9:26pm
Tales of Xillia is awesome! Come join us on the Xillia forum! http://neo.ly/15WV8ya
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Jul 7, 13 2:34pm


Namco Bandai surprised us all this weekend by announced that Tales of Xillia 2 would be coming westward, to...

May 8, 13 4:24pm
Looking for new RPG's to play
Fauve shared a news (@bluexy)
Apr 11, 13 7:54pm


The announcement of Tales of Xillia's release date didn't end up as, well, impactful as I think it...

Fauve shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
Apr 8, 13 6:32pm


We can't always love the cover art that wind up on video game boxes, even for games we love. The good people at...


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