As I said above, I am interested in being a Video Game designer. Of course, telling friends this usually results in them saying, "Riiiight. So what do you really want to be?" So far, I don't have anything too special, but my big dream is to make an RPG in which the hero is not a male, sword-wielding teenager, and in which you do not save the world.
I am somewhat talented at writing, and during my fourth grade and fifth grade year, I appeared in a local newspaper and on a local radio station for my storytelling. If I sound a bit cocky about it, keep in mind I don't think I'm any good. Nowadays, my audience has gone from 100+ to 1-3, but I enjoy myself. As a matter of fact, I like it that way. Talking in front of lots of people makes my legs shake slightly enough so that I feel it but nobody sees it. I someday hope to use Video Games as a medium for telling stories.
Oh, and eat those Jello Pudding Bites. They are actually quite good.


Legaia games, Final Fantasy, Metroid games, Game Design, D&D, drawing, writing, eating those Jello Pudding Bites, reading obscure books, and playing obscure games
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Review: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Sep 21, 2003

Well, Square-Enix got me. I was worried about the storyline and how badly they could have messed up the gameplay, but they fixed just about all of my worries. Let's first get the bad out of they way. The job system is nearly perfect, but for one...

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