Welcome to my infinite imagination. Pretty simple.
Yo Adrian I won. -Rocky-
Well don't blame me samus, oh oh well look it me my parents were killed by space pirates.... so i'm gonna become a cold-hearted bounty hunter. (imitating Samus shooting something) -Robin william-
You know Jumanji sucked. -Samus-
Do I look like i'm afriad of you bounty hunter, is there something funny about me. -Joe Pesci-
He's so small. -Samus-
Oh my god she killed Kenny! -Stan-
You bastard! -Kyle-
Oops. -Samus-
Like oh my god, it's totally Samus Aran. -Hilary Duff-
Oh great. -Samus-
Conformists. -me-
yeah. -yeah-