Name is Curtis Gant, currently 16. Not working at the moment. Likes to play video games I have a Wii, 360, and PS3. Play all of them. Also a DSi and GBA SP which I still play. I also like sports. So Im always either playing a game, at school, sports or girlfriend. Well if you would like to play sometime add me on any of the following:

PSN: Fatal_Intentz
Xbox Live: Ecko Demise (Soon to be Fatal_Intentz)
Wii: Coming Soon


Video Games

Currently Playing:Pokemon Emerald

Currently Playing Online: CoD Black Ops & Halo Reach

Games Beat After (January 14th 2011) New List
Pokemon Yellow


Playing: Call of Duty Black Ops
PSN: Fatal_Intentz
Xbox Live: Ecko Demise
Old Neo Name: riku24/FusionWeapons

Game Identities

  • PSN ID Fatal_Intentz

Curtis Gant

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