hmm... i wanted to tell you something but i forgot...



wait i think I-maybe not

ah what a nice bathroom break!

was i telling u somthing?

da da dum da da da da da dum da da da da da da dum. wait hold on okay i have to take a wiz...

ah that was gooooooooooooooooood...

wait i finnaly know what i wanna say!

scroll a bit more...

you are here, the thin that i want to tell you is...............!



Dragon ball
Dragon ball z
Yuyu Hakusho
one piece
prince of tennis

Video games i like:
Zelda series
Mario series
a lot more

would like to have every single platforms and games in the world

an artist...wrote almost 30 comic books...sold them to friends... sent them in the library...sold them to mom's customers.


Fat Rat999, the best comic artist world wide brawl fc- 4940-6180-2201
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