Heres a funny one when I was searching up SSB4 reactions to little mac: "Just realized Little McNuggets final smash t

Im trying to get good with my Shulk, I think im pretty decent with Shulk, I taken out a lvl 9 CPU Link and it only took me 4

Anyone notice that sonic can wall jump? Go to smash run, go to that place where it has 3 sections rows of power ups and one g

fighting would've been way more better without shields.

So I asked my dad if I could get another one, he said "I'll think about it" hes gonna say yes because Christma

when you like to play as a character, but then you find out that your bad with using the moves? im trying to get the hang of

for a normal blue hedgehog with red shoes when I see players with sonic, I feel like, there saying: "im the best c

R.O.B.'s FS changed also, whats the best equipment for R.O.B.? attack speed or defence?

Man, I gotta stop making these threads :P but anyway, which is better? R.O.B. is huge while shulk is great, there both pow

1.Pallet color swap for Robin's hood over his head 2.Another game character that was released awhile back like xenoblade

Robin has the amazingly cool outfit plus is OP too Shulk has the amazingly cool sword with different modes with is OP too

we can have updates right? so does that mean sakurai can always add more characters and put them in the updates? im PROBABLY

MY GOD YES! MENU THEMES! THANK THE LORD YEYEYEEYEYEYEYEYEYYE if only there was a Super Smash Bros theme qq if there is, im

At first I thought it was some retarded name for just random character...

Damn, I cant make a decision on which to pick as my main character to use with, here are some reasons why Robin- I like his in that video, it says you can adjust the 4 minutes into 7 minutes and other opti

Was he only in Xenoblade Chronicles one? im just curious to know if he was only in one game and hasn't been in any games,

Im trying to get him, it doesn't say anything about getting his trophy on any wiki or internet, I've been searching u

the things I learned from battling other people, I don't use(combos/KO charge moves), I totally spazz out and keep on thi


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