Hehe.. Oh friggen snap man. Thanks for signing the book, it's been collecting dust for a long damn time. Haha... well I've been doing fine, first year of college and all is well. I hope you're doing alright too Fall, some good memories years ago. Now I think I'm gonna get my Way of the Samurai game back from my friend, Haha.. I think I forgot enough about it to play it like new again. Hell yeah! Have a good one Fall.
You seem to have vanished lately... but anyway i thought i'd sign the guestbook of a fellow W.O.T.S. player!!! Maybe if you decide to appear you'll sign mine?
Hello. I've seen you around neoseeker so i decided to sign your guestbook. i hope to see you around soon. You can sign back if you want.

Check it out if you like any suikoden game and/or rping.
You've been marked by Dark Samurai!
by the one and only SS4Gogeta! How's it hanging?

Hit me back yo!

Hey Fallout Punk, whats up? Just signing your guestbook with my guestbook stamp, and here it is:

Keep it ReaL!
I'm just signing your g-book!

Whether you seen me before or not...
Whether you even care if I'm here or not...
Whether you bother to look at this or not...

Have fun and a great time on Neoseeker.

~You got pwn3d...~


lol i love the way of the samurai =D good game. and i was the first girl?? didnt notice~! well thanks for the compliment on my homepage. im pretty good with HTML and crap. anyway PM me sometimes to chat =D ttyl
Hey there,

Welcome to the Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life forum. You seem quite nice. Cool avatar by the way!

See you around the forums,

~ Satokasu Suki
thanks for your help on this subject i am happy that i know here name know.. thanks you .. see ya around

Ahhhh... the hottest girl in a computer game just has to be Yuna of Final Fantasy X-2.....(where is she when you want her...she's in my bedroom..he..he..he....in a computer game…**** it....
Well you seem like a cool guy so I decided to sign your guestbook. Anyway, you do very good work and think you deserve some stamps for that.

Somebody messed up on this dollar theater sign...bad!

Do what you like, like what you do.
Hey, I've seen you in Budokai 2. Those are some real neat banners you make. You seem like a cool person.

Stay cool homie.

Ultimate Gogeta.
Hey wats up.How come you dont reply when I ask for banners?Well any ways they kick ass.
I hope you could make mine.
P.S. Could you sign mine?
[url title=WHORULES]http://www.neoseeker.com/members/guestbook/WHORULES/[/url]
Hey baby, I just felt like dropping by and sharing some love

Mahal Kita, I love you so much...I would gladly do anything to make you happy...And I'll always be here with you, through the good and bad times, I promise you...
It only takes seeing your name online to make me the happiest girl alive and I thank you for that, I thank you for always making me happy, even when you didn't realise you were...

Some people don't believe in online realtionships, but since I met you, my life has changed for the better, hearing your voice is like heaven to me, I would gladly listen to it all day...
Not only am I the happiest girl alive to have you, I'm also the luckiest, you're an angel, so kind and funny and loving and also very very very cute, you're living proof that miracles happen, sometimes I feel like I need to desperatly reach out and hug you, but it's okay, because I can feel your love and you're always in my heart. And soon, we can be physically close as well as mentally like we've been all along, and raise our family together, and no matter what the circumstances, I'll always love you more than anyone can comprehend, and I'll never let you go...I would gladly give up my whole world and everything in it, Just to be by your side sweetheart...
~All my love~
Thanks for the banner man, it looks sweet! I know I know that I wrote once already, but I just wanted to thank you for the sweet banner! Thanks again man!
thanks for the banner its really cool well you have to write a summary for the guestbook so here is the summary.lalalallallalalalalal.....blah blah blah blah blah.....hi hi hi hi.....merry christmas happy new year happy thanksgiving happy halloween... everybuddy polka salsa tango and do the conga...twinkel twinkel little stare how i wounder where you are...oh heck who cares where the star is its up in the sky why do you care where it is
Yo whats up? Fallout Punk
Your banners are kickass and sweet! The ones with Majin Vegeta and brolly is also cool. Keep it Real! Darkrex25
You did request, and I will oblige. Signing this as a thanks for the kickass banner you made me, don't let your work get you so busy that you have no time to get to the forum (you know which one...). Anyways, keep up the good work, and I sure hope this is over the 125 character limit
ok this is corny but we should call you mr. ban-tastic! lol i know its corny but you make the very best banners and i hope that people appreciate it as much as i do........
i've been going around signing guestbooks so...

and also

Happy New Year! Click the stamp! ^^

LMM xox
I guess I will sign your guestbook, just because you are a DBZ fan...nice posts on the board.

Have you gotten Majin Vegeta yet?!
yo fallout ive never though u were here dude...
man im not much on neo anymore but ill be seing u here
later duude

uh errr 125 characters

shalalalaalaalaala alaalaalaalaalaalaalaalaalaalaalaalaala
i was just reading people's bios and decided to sign your guest book
it seems interesting what you're doing in college
Returning the old guestbook signing favour. Appreciate the hello and the kind welcomes to the clan. Nice new logo by the way...pretty sweet. Reminds me of the old fallout shelter signs with the radioactive symbol.