euben0 Fallen Master
Jan 6, 10 6:07am
back in the 90's i remember them nice biography took a while to read but it brought back some memories thanks
yep a can remember most of those things good times good times those were
Bright Blue Yoshi Fallen Master
Jun 12, 07 2:33am
I remembered last time, so that means you need to remember as well. As long as I'm here I thought I'd stamp anyway.

Don't ask. I just thought it was pretty. Anyway, later.

Super Megaman Fallen Master
May 16, 07 1:02am
I remembers you! Your the guy that had that clan if not i dont what i'm talkin about. You used to be with us in a clan we alwasy said "Yaaaaaa" with a big smiley behind it with its sarcasm sneaky tongue hanging out.

Heres your stamp bud.

C Falcon Fallen Master
Nov 29, 06 12:26am
Long time no see...... uh... how long.... i've been away from this site.... i still have the banner you made me.... I might finaly get my neohome up and running because i've learned some markup..Well, see you around...

C Falcon
Bright Blue Yoshi Fallen Master
Jul 28, 06 11:35am
I’m getting around to signing some guestbooks today. You just happened to be on my list of guestbooks to sign.^^

Sign back if you have time!^_~


Jaw7765 Fallen Master
Jul 18, 06 5:19am
i made this its my stamp from now on!!

you've been Stamped!!
blazeboy11 Fallen Master
Jun 7, 06 2:08pm
I'm on a Stamping Spree!
Off to stamp wild and free!
Maybe just too much crack for mee? o_0

Bright Blue Yoshi Fallen Master
Jun 5, 06 9:44pm
I made a new stamp (finally) so here you go! Thanks for signing my guestbook BTW.

C Falcon Fallen Master
Jun 3, 06 1:29pm
Thanks for this. It's pretty cool. Well i guess i'll se you around the Brawl fourms.
C Falcon...
Bright Blue Yoshi Fallen Master
Jul 25, 05 4:16am
How come we never talk anymore? And when can I come over to your house? My brother says your house is cool.

Lol, I finally made a Yoshi stamp, so here ya go!

Have a nice day!
looks like im the first to sign your guest book:) sign back or pm me if you want to.