As you can see, if you HAVE been stalking my profile, I like... Scratch that, LOVE RPG's! I may not have them all but I play what I can, and when I can. I do NOT own an Xbox360 due to it not really being a Japanese/RPG Console. Had one and it just RROD itself to hell and I kicked myself in the Head (yeah I know, impressive!) and never bought another one.

I'm slightly competitive, not much a big shot, I don't like to boast and brag unless it's a game I have taken SO MUCH pride in completing and getting done. I play SSF4 as Sakura occasionally due to being killed by snotty Ryu and Akuma players... (seriously, no one plays anything else!)

I play certain online games using this specific name, if you see me online anywhere as Falcothunder, give me a holler so that I know it was you from Neoseeker and we can be the best of buds, hell, I would even be your punching bag for SSF4 LOL!

Steam ID: Falcothunder
PSN: Falcothunder

As I've stated, I AM the only one using this name and if someone has taken it, then there WILL be hell to pay! (Yes I take pride in my name; being used for over 6 years now)

...still updating...


~If I painted my cat white, gave him cool looking tusks, and attached wings to his arms, he would be Barioth! (MH3)~ ID:2H6C5K
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