Kissin' and huggin' is all around.
Though it can be overrated.
So Happy Valentine's day to you.
Even though it is belated.

Wear lots of pink.
And eat lots of candy.
Kiss lots of boys.
Isn't it dandy?

It's all about hearts,
roses and bears.
Sweets, cards,
and frilly underwear.

I bid you farewell.
And plenty of cheer.
I hope I'll write another poem,
on time, next year.

Wow, haven't spoken to you in a while.

Made a new stamp, and, well, here you go!

Hi. We haven't talked in a while. How have you been Fairy Girl?

I decided to sign your guestbook since you haven't gotten 1 in a while lol.

Well see you later.
Nice welcome for new people to sign you guest book! So I just to go ahead and sign you guest book! It is really nice for people to put that under there welcome sign.
I see that you are from, NJ, jersey city, that is where I'm from. Representing NJ all day. Anyways, I just wanted to sign your guest book and you reminded me of fairygrl that left long time ago. Anyways, happy stamping. TRK

Are you the same fairygirl? If so, PM me or something, because that one disappeared. Anyway, here's a random picture.

Yes, Final Fantasy is awesome! You're cool too so I added you as a friend. Hope to see you around neo.

Your b day was on the 14th

I had no cake :'(
Happy Birthday To You. Happy Birthday To You.

It's Your Day, another year older, another year wiser but you still go to school to get an education and treat each and every day like a mini-vacation! LOL!

Happy Birthday Fairy Girl. Stamp Time. Blow Out The Candles!

Hey Fairy Girl, happy early birthday. I hope you have a great and wonderful time and get lots of present. If you come on tomorrow, I might wish you happy birthday again.

Hi Fairy Girl Seen you around in the FFXII forums so much, I wanted to sign your guestbook. You also been here 4 days and you already have 300 posts(took me a month) Well also, you're doing an excellent job in streaker. Sadly, I don't have a stamp, sorry. Hope to see you around.

Your neobuddy, DragonSLAYER45.
Holy crap!!! 300 posts!!! You are awesome, don't you need sleep?!!!! Anyway, I would welcome you, but it looks like you really don't need it, glad to have a hardcore forum-er on board.

Hey thanks for signing my guest book, I really appreciated it. Ah man, I'm so sick right now. I wouldn't even be on Neo right now if I could get to sleep, lol. Also, I'd stamp you, but I don't know how.
Woots! I signed your GB first. Holy crap you got 100 posts in a day. From what I saw, it doesn't appear to be spam either, so that's good. Get off Neo and get some sleep lol.

Well, I hope you enjoy yourself on Neo!

~Master Jynch