Hope you have a good one!
You signed my guestbook last year, well...
I haven't really been on for a long time, and...
I was just kinda busy and stuff...
And um..


Ah well, it'd be cool if you'd PM me instead of writing in that guestbook. And, I shall warn you, I might be away for quite long times...

But, please do PM! Or you can send e-mail too, if you want to... (tifauve@gmail.com)
See ya around!
Season wishes through this Christmas Spirit

<3 Chihiro & Haku's Love Will Last Forever <3

<3 Even through the Christmas Spirits <3
G'day mate how are you, hope you are ok, how you enjoying the summer, anyway just going through my neofriends' guestbooks bye
hello mate im just stampin all my mates GB's an ur a mate so i'll do urs too

Howdy there you fine child. As you may know, two days ago I was found not guilty of all my charges. It just comes to show you I can get away with anything I want. Which is why I want you to spend the night with me at Neverland. I'm throwing a "party" and all kids are invited. Every child deserves a spot in my bed. As long as you keep your dirty mouth shut to the press, we can become best friends. Maybe if you're lucky...we can share the same sleeping bag.

Use you imagination. Then make that imagination...a reality.

Love Always,
1 (10 inch tube pan) angel food cake
1 (3 ounce) package strawberry flavored gelatin
1 (15 ounce) can sliced peaches
3 bananas
1 (5 ounce) package instant vanilla pudding mix
1 (8 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
1 (20 ounce) can crushed pineapple, drained

1. Break angel food or pound cake into bite size pieces. Put into a 9x13 inch pan (preferably glass).

2. Dissolve 1 package of flavored gelatin in 1 cup of water and pour over cake pieces, spreading to the edges of pan. Drain the peaches and pour the juice over the gelatin in the pan. Slice bananas on top of gelatin. Arrange peach slices on top of banana slices. If desired, add crushed pineapple.

3. Prepare instant pudding according to instructions on box and spread evenly over fruit.

4. Spread whipped topping on top of the pudding. Try to keep the layers separate.

5. Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving.

I have returned to repeat what I will always say: that Seymour isn't sexeh

Look down

Look up!
I thought you might like this stamp.

Please return the gesture.

Oh, and we would really appreciate your signature.

Happy posting,

Thanks for signing my GB.Those are some funny pics.

srry for signing back so late.
Thanks for signing my GB.Those are some funny pics.

srry for signing back so late.
Thanks for signing my g-book. I'll return the favor FFX Fanatic.
It's in need for some ecstacy. Will you feed it's addiction?
Hey, FFX Fanatic. Thanks for signing my guestbook with all the cool piccies. It gave me a laugh

Dra Ym prat drnayt oui syta fyc sykhevelahd, dranavuna oui tacanja y hela kiacdpuugcekhehk. Yd maycd E druikrd ed fyc oui uhmo hud mukkat eh.

hi sorry for signin again but i figured out how to use the stamp yay so this is my real signing an ur the first to hav my brand new stamp used on as a thank you so thanx an see ya in the forums

bye bye
hi thanx again for the great stamp
here to show u how much i love it i'll use it in ur guestbook first
i dont know if it worked though cos i dont know how to use it lol

anyway thanx again an see ya around the forums
i got the message......
oh LOLZ to teh yuna pictures they're quite funny but what would be more funny is seymour having an anvil fall on his head
Okay! so i'm finnaly signing back! sorry i didnt for ages or maybe i did, that may have been a new signing, or i might just be randomly signing you out of the blue but anyway, if i didnt sign back for ages im sorry, i got really lazy okay, i'll shut up now...



see ya round!

I signed...here's my stampies!!

Boo-yah...I got a bigger gun!!

PM me. Peace!
Here, have a stampie

Hope you had a happy Easter!! (Yeah I know it's late...)

Sign back or I'LL EAT YOU!!

Have a nice day now
Hi there! I'm on my signing spreeeeee!
Happy holidays! And Good Luck To Ya !
Sign back please!

this is us after loooong holidays!!! :-)
Hey there FFX Fanatic

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo

Yeah-Nice to see your around in those forums again if you are ever bored PM me, i will be glad to chat with ya-Later

And if you are ever free-JUST sign me Guestbook XD-

hwya babes i dont normally sign guestbooks since you need a minimum of 125 lettrs but i'll make for you i'll an exception just wanna say i love u and cant wait 2 talk 2 u again


since we did have a chat sorta i thought i would sign your guestbook and stamp and stuff