Ghetto Bird F1D0
Sep 28, 05 7:41pm
Ghetto Bird says that he is honored to sign your guest book. Ghetto Bird is also too lazy and cheap to get a stamp. Oh well. Ghetto bird says bye.

Sincerely from ghetto bird,
Ghetto bird
Dragon01 F1D0
Jul 13, 05 12:36am
THANKS FOR SIGNING MY GUESTBOOK,so i'll return the favor by signing yours:)oh and thanks you also have great tastes in games too;)
p.s pm you later k
TheLord968 F1D0
Feb 20, 05 2:52am

I don't even know if there is a waffle day,
And there probably isn't,
But I feel like going on a spree,
And I need a reason..
Don't I?

My Best Friend and Yours,

RobtheGooner F1D0
Dec 20, 04 2:19am

Hi, I've seen you around a few forums, mainly Perfect Dark and Loungin
Happy Christmas, have a good one:)
Sosai X F1D0
Sep 8, 04 5:08pm
quote F1D0
quote Sosai X
Sometimes I only log on once a day, and I stay online for the rest of the day so..I check it every few hours.
Most of the time someone signed.
I always sign back too ofcourse. Always.
You've only been a member for a couple of months and you have 43 pages of guestbook entries! F1D0's been a member for a couple of years and he's only at a page 2.

Guess what? I'm signing your guestbook!!
Because you seem like a nice person.

Keep up the good work.

Be good. Stay safe.

Cya around F1D0! ^^

Stamped by Sosai X

sharpshooterDARK F1D0
Jun 17, 04 3:07pm
Hey thanks for getting my posting started. I had so many posts that no one was replying to and the next morning i checked the forum and they had been (all)reply to by F1DO.

Scipio Africanus F1D0
Jun 16, 04 8:37pm
Hey, this is just your friendly, neighborhood Scipio coming by to sign your guestbook.

See you around the SA and Driv3r forums!

Sign back if you like!
jespomo F1D0
Jun 16, 04 8:17am
Hell, jespomo thought that he would take a bit of time out to sign F1D0's guestbook. jespomo says hello and see you around. jespomo now says goodbye as this is the end of the guestbook signing.
c0m1ng 3vil F1D0
Jun 12, 04 1:19am
Whats up? Thanks for showing me how to do this avatar. I have been struggling to get one. Well, I'm happy with mine. Thanks again, and don't forget to sign my g-book too!

Peace out.
May 29, 04 12:43am
Thank you for joining the Conker:Attack of the Mechanical Tediz RP.I hope you visit often.

I thought about signing your guestbook.You can sign mine if you want.
TheLord968 F1D0
May 28, 04 1:17am
Heya, just felt like I'd sign. Seen you around places before so...yeah. I'm also taking Spanish class, which is cool. Confusing people is FUN!! See ya around me guesses. Laterz!

j00 has been signed by...
Me (W00h00, you must feel special now doesn't j00??)
Jackz89 F1D0
Jan 17, 04 10:59am
Alrite F1D0,

Been a long time since the Getaway forum was flowing with all he regulars, over a year ago now and yet your still talking in the thrid person lol


coolflame F1D0
Aug 11, 03 6:43pm
I'm on a guestbook signing spree!

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
Aug 10, 03 2:14am
Yo hey F1D0.Your one of the coolest people around.I'm glad to be a really good friend.

Cya Around F1D0
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MrHunter F1D0
Aug 8, 03 7:13am
Hey,whats up? I thought i would sign your guest book since im always talking to ya on the D3 forum so yup. Its cool to see a fellow Creed fan (i know not many people like them)hehe. so yea its nice talking with ya. so yea well see ya around the D3 BB
Jooka F1D0
Jul 1, 03 6:53pm
Hey Mate Just thought I would sign your guestbook.
You are a good Neoseeker member.. Glad to have you hear.
Hmm, We share the same interests in games dont you think?
Anyway, Nice being here

Sign Mine Back Click Here
Jooka F1D0
Jun 27, 03 8:43am
Seen you around the Driver 3 forum!
I like your website.
Hope to see you around.
Please return the favor and sign mine too


¦ Jooka ¦ Sign My Guestbook And Recieve A Cookie! (=)
Bryce T F1D0
Apr 5, 03 5:15am
How in the world do you have so many posts? Only like 260 log ins. You are insane. Nicely done though. You don't have the Getaway either? We have to do something about that.
ShutYourMouth4Life F1D0
Mar 28, 03 1:01pm
... F1DO just might be the saviour of the Simpsons Road Rage forum. F1DO is a very interesting person and is seems very considerate and kind. Most importantly F1DO is a very experienced Simpsons fan, and that makes all the difference in the world!

DaMn_Im_BoReD F1D0
Mar 2, 03 2:56am
Thanks for stopping by the forum. I don't know if you went to the Simpson thread in the tv forum, but I said there that anyone who stops by the Simpson forum and introduces themself in the introduction thread, gets a free guestbook signing. So here ya go:

Thanks again. Hope to see ya around some more.
mahir is back F1D0
Feb 18, 03 9:52pm
hola que tal, me lammo mahir, que tu nombre
tengo 14 anos y me gusta Businesses studies y ICT, y tu.
i see that u can speek spanish well me too i am in year 10 and gave up spanish cos i wanted to do business studies but my spanish teacher who is my tutor got really mad cos i wos sooo good
Shocker F1D0
Dec 13, 02 2:53am
Hey F1D0! I see you around the Perfect Dark and Goldeneye007 forums quite alot, so I've decided to sign your guestbook! Here's a stamp:


Don't forget to sign my guestbook too! See ya around the forums.

Shocker22 F1D0
Dec 12, 02 5:01pm
Let in rest in peace . I didnt go to it much, but it was great to talk about the upcoming game. At least we know it is actually coming(though it will be on a different system).
Octarine Skye F1D0
Nov 12, 02 7:02pm
I'm just signing guestbooks, thought i'd sign yours.

Thanks for bringing that much required bit of focus and sanity to the PD2 forum. See ya around,

KoRnNeRd F1D0
Oct 31, 02 9:15pm
Cool I'm the first to sign your guestbook. I'm so proud.
Anyway, thanks for your support in the PD2 forum and I hope you continue to visit.
See ya around!