This looks very original. :) VivaPinata X360
F1D0 remembers seeing this game at a friend BugsBunnyandTazTimebusters PSX
Very fun and... interesting... SouthPark64 N64
For those sleep-overs and when you have three friends over. MarioParty N64
Mmmmm... Metal Gear Solidy. Sounds Tasty! =P MetalGearSolidVRMissions PSX
Star Fox was awesome... Rare is even more awesome... so STAR FOX ADVENTURES?!?! Wow... :D StarFoxAdventures GC
Two words: Awe... Some... MarioKartDoubleDash GC
Seems to be good like Mario Tennis was. MarioGolf N64
Hahaha... Seems funny and rare. TheAdventuresOfCookieandCream PS2
Didn't know they made an Army Men game for DC. Sounds like fun! :D ArmyMenSargesHeroes DC
Once had the first game (PC), but still the demo for this game (DC). Great fun... MDK2 PC
Nothing like a good, original E-Rated game! Seriously... FurFighters PC
F1D0 loves games... F1D0 loves Sonic... F1D0 wants this game... SonicShuffle DC
It was made by Rare, so it must be good. :) MickeysSpeedwayUSA N64
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