Stats I have on the games I have:
Warcraft & Starcraft BW Stats:
Warcraft II~0-0-0
Warcraft III~0-0-0
Starcraft Brood War~0-0-0
Diablo 1 & II LoD Charecter Levels:
Diablo 1 Char~(--)
Diablo II Chars:
Sorceress[Magic Find]-(--)
Current Clan Member: None.
Current Clan Owner: Eyes of Chaos
GTA VC Kills: 7042
Armored Core 3 Missions: 200
Armored Core 3 Mission Failures: 0
Complete %: 100
Armored Core: Silent Line
Mission Success: 200
Mission Failed: 0
Complete %: 100
Final Fantasy X Achievements:
Aeons: Yojimbo, Anima, Magus Sisters.
Items: Spirit Lance (A), Murasame (A), Nirvana (A), Catalbog (A), Onion Knight (NA), World Champion (NA), Godhand (A).
FFX Legend: NA = Not Activated, A = Activated, NF = Not Found.
FFX Blitzball Wins: 50
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance:
Highest CPU Diff Beat: MAX
Best Charecter: Scorpion
Other chars good with: Kung Lao, Kenshi, Jax, Sub-Zero.
TMB Fav Chars: Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm.
GT3 License: IA/R.
Dynasty Warriors 4
Number of Level 10 Weapons: In DW4: XL I had all 10 so I think it should count.
Number of Level 11 Weapons: All of them, 47.


Bushido - Noun (Bu'shi-do') The following of a samurai warrior taught by a strict code in japan.2 One who takes there honor over there life or commit sepakku at the death of there master.3 Very deadly and skilled warriors in hand to hand tactics and weaponery.4 Way of the Warrior.
I follow the ways of bushido and practice martial arts every day and concetrate heavily on the fine arts of swordsmanship and honor along with self enlightenment.
Family: None (Adopted)
Favorite Songs: Drowning Pool (I dont care about anyone else but me.) Queen of the Damned (Why wont you die!?) Godsmack (I stand alone.)
Favorite Sword: Katana, solid ivory bone handle with dragon etched in the end, 24k gold handlestopper (the piece that stops you from slipping your hand on the blade) and cold steel edge blade diamond cut edge with "Scorpion" etched into the blade in japanese.


"The Eyes see us. They taunt our very movements...shall we hide? Shall we run? No, we shall sit and wait for the Eyes of Chaos."
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Review: Starcraft: Brood War - Review on Starcraft Brood War

Feb 20, 2003

Every race/unit has a con and a pro, zealots have power and speed but cannot attack air, marines have the ability to hit air, range, and land but have low hitpoints, hydralisks can hit both the ground and air and have range but 80 hitpoints and...

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