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Jan 5, 09 10:25am

If you have seen me post around you have probably picked up the use of me using the word "heart" in my posts. Most people look at it as me being an idiot, which most of the time you are probably right, but none the less why do I use "heart" so much and not something else. Do I just love vital human organs? Eh, I don't think so since I do not give an love to the lungs or the brain and in my mind both are pretty damn important. So it's not an infatuation with vital organs. Then what else could it be???

Well it is very simple my friends it is my belief in people following their themselves and their hearts and not getting trapped into doing things for others. To much I see people throwing away who they really are to be accepted by a group or liked by others. In my mind that is complete garbage. Throwing away one's identity for others could be the worst thing that you can do. You are basically crushing your own essence for others? And why? To have some more friends, to get that girl or guy that you like to feel the same way, or to be apart of something you think might be "cool."

When you throw away your real self and stop following your heart you lose your chance to truly be happy. You might end up accomplishing your goal and "being" someone who you aren't. Liked by whoever, friends with whoever, but deep down you know that's not you. Deep down your heart is still wanting you to live your life another way. You just bring yourself into this inner turmoil that's going to make you hate yourself. At first you will most likely feel happy, think you are a part of something that you've always wanted, but it will eat at you. One's true desires always reign supreme in the end and in the back of your head you are always going to regret.

I guess the main idea of this is (since I probably just started to ramble sorry :() you need to always follow your "heart" or what you really want. Even if by definition it might not be the coolest thing or make you the most popular it makes you YOU and that's what truly matters. I know I'd rather live my life than some other person's perception of a good life.

Comment or i'll be sad :(

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