trust me no you dont
it doesnt taste as good as it looks. read more

LAST TIME I GAVE A SHIT, I GOT *bleep*ED! read more

I... NEED to hear that sometime. Chipmunk voice, lulz. :3 read more

Fffuuuuuu. D: I have been defeated. ;-;

Bravo good sir, bravo.
read more

Happy meal? HELL YES, I'M COMING. =D read more


Sounds kinky and totally not stalkerish at all. Don't be a pussy, that text sounds legit. read more

i sent that text.
im your secret admirer.
im waiting behind mcdonalds for your sexy ass. read more

i think that was the name of some porno back in the day.
now that i think about it more
excalibur had some sex involed if i remember correctly. read more

No way, sweetcheeks.

And you're all sexy, people. But Michael is least sexy. 8|
THAT IS ALL; GOOD DAY. read more

idk about that but watevah babe. read more

Really? That's what you get from talk of dicks and vibrations?

But that comment reminded me of the time that my cousin had me call his phone... He had it on vibrate. And in his pants. The loon. XD
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If you're talking about me, my name is madeleine, not madeline.

and if you're talking about me, call me maddie.

and if you're talking about me, what?

and if you're not talking about me, ignore my post. read more


strange man.

oh, excuse me. *burps*

Oh, and I approve of kia threatening mike with a stick. read more

...That's VERY ironic. xD

And that made me lol. read more

...Are you saying it isn't ironic? ._. 'Cause yeah, it's not ironic.

Funny as hell, though. Nice one. =D read more

Well, it was more of contrasting, tbh, but eh. read more


I thought I was the ditz. read more

...I'm not sure whether to laugh or go "awww "... read more

No one knows. It's a mystery of life. :3 read more