Super fun! I love this game, I play it all the time with my siblings. (sigh.) MarioKart64 N64
Super fun. Controls are a little hard at first but it's easier after a while. SonicRidersZeroGravity Wii
It's fun but I like to play as regular Sonic. SonicUnleashed PS3
Really fun and very amusing. Just sucks when you die and have to start all over again. GexEnterTheGecko N64
Truly simple and reminds you of your childhood. DisneysBonkers SNES
It's very difficult and confusing but it does bring satisfaction. EccoTheDolphin SEGACD
Do I have to say it! It's fun but I have not passed it either. A little fun fact is that there is no saving! SonicTheHedgehog2 GENESIS
AH!!! I have not passed this one either but at least I can save. SonicTheHedgehog3 GENESIS
Very hard. But fun. I've never passed it but at least I'm motivated. SonicTheHedgehog GENESIS
Super fun and enjoyable. The genesis and N64 used to be my brothers but he gave them to me when I was 10 and I still have fun with it. SuperSmashBros N64
Really fun but my game sucks because it's all scratched up and doesn't work. FurFightersViggosRevenge PS2
The sequel! More characters=more fun! NarutoUltimateNinja2 PS2
ah! ^_^ one of my favorites! I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! NarutoUltimateNinja PS2
The sequel to the sequel!!! Even more characters including the all important Fourth Hokage or "The Yellow Flash". NarutoUltimateNinja3 PS2
Same as part 1. Confusing if you haven't played chain of memories. KingdomHearts2 PS2

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