well i like being called elmo prob cause
elmo owns yo.

FEW ppl worth metioning

RS: yo this guys is to cool man hes a good neo friend and has prob the best ike ive ever faced i enjoy brawling him and racing .
He is on e of those ppl that just always says somthing positive really nice dood .

AL: ahhhh jersey boy this guy he was my leader from kob he was a coool guy sometimes a lil wierd but its cool he is a great brawler and helped me get alot better ty to him.

Denver: well he is my friend in real life so nothing much i could say he's a great frien and we are great teams at basketball and brawl he a lil goofy like me but thats cool

Slice: slicer boy is a reallly coool dude
he's a really good leader and a good neo friend He's TL is amazing i mean AMAZING
we make a good team and also racce in mkw from time to time he also love the teen titans woooooo.

veggi: vegggg he is a very good player
he's dk and mario and peach prob the best in neo he is a really nice person sometimes says random things bout pokemon lol
he and i had really good matchess he's dk is way 2 sexy

Trogdor: troggy holy man this dude is 2 good man he has a really good lu, and mario he is a reallly nice dude he's always being a ghood guy and always giving compliments even tho u got raped lol .

EN: this guy is to tight he thought me most of what i now about snake. he has one ofthe best snakes in neo if not the best .
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