Crystal Crusher Everton 4 Eva
Aug 01, 06 2:23am
Hey! Well, you signed my guestbook, so I think I should sign back

Here's a stamp that'l make your page look important! (no offense to other stamps)

bada75 Everton 4 Eva
Jul 23, 06 3:57am
thnx for signin my guest book and i told ya u would i dont have a stamp so all i have 2 say is YOU SMELL
Cyborg Pancake Everton 4 Eva
Jul 23, 06 3:26am
Just signing cuz of that thread about saying something about the guy above you and you said I'd sign your GB and i did! imagine that!

sign back or i'll chew it off
thecandyman328 Everton 4 Eva
Jul 21, 06 3:34am
Since you signed mine I'm returning the favor!
You have been stamped by thecandyman328.
Black Darkness Everton 4 Eva
Jul 19, 06 8:27am
Now I'm starting to go even weirder on neoseeker, so don't judge my Stamp.

You are the first to recieve it, be honoured:

Sign Back.

Black Darkness
Antaikronik Everton 4 Eva
Jul 18, 06 12:25am
LOL, you said sign back, so I'm signing back! Wo0t wo0t. Here's a stamp I made. Enjoy!

Thx for signin mines, btw.

-Peace out-
Ton the Savage Everton 4 Eva
Jul 17, 06 11:46pm
I like, never check my GB, but thanks for signing it. Figured I should return the favor. Now I'm going to post the standard "This wouldn't be 125 characters without this sentence." sentence.
Cheesysoapopra Everton 4 Eva
Jun 29, 06 4:49pm
Here ya go!

~Take care.
four eyes Everton 4 Eva
Jun 26, 06 9:08pm
What's up? you signed my g'book so i thought i would sign yours. wanna be neofreinds?

hyperion45 Everton 4 Eva
Jun 26, 06 5:55pm
but why r u an everton supporter if u live in liverpool lol that seems a bit wierd cos there is loads of animosity anyways i'll add you to my msn k?
hyperion45 Everton 4 Eva
Jun 26, 06 5:53pm
ok i'm just typing cos i forgot my photobucket password so i have to talk gibbberish until i reach the character limit so blablabla i'll give u s stamp as soon as i remember my password ok
Citizen Erased Everton 4 Eva
Jun 25, 06 7:58am
Hello my fellow scouser. Thanks for signing my guestbook.

Stitch Everton 4 Eva
Jun 22, 06 11:48pm
thank you for signing my guestbook.
and i hope you'r gonna have a great time on neoseeker in the future!

wel i cant make stamps, but this is better then nothing, right?
Anaya290 Everton 4 Eva
Jun 22, 06 8:32pm
Hey, thanks for the stamp. Here's me stamping back.

credit to efc fan for the stamp.

Hope to see you around!
wankster Everton 4 Eva
Jun 22, 06 9:17am
stampin you back.

thansk for the stamp too.
Spyro Princess Everton 4 Eva
Jun 22, 06 3:06am
Signing back.

Stamped twice. Aren't you lucky.
Omceer 1701 Everton 4 Eva
Jun 22, 06 12:14am
Signing back thanks for doing that for me!

Don't know if you are a LOST fan but its the only stamp I got.
efc fan Everton 4 Eva
Jun 16, 06 4:56am
W00t, w00t!

Go Everton!!!

Signing your guestbook Everton 4 Eva (And I'm the first )

Here's my coolio stamp:

Sign back y'all

efc fan