Hey! Well, you signed my guestbook, so I think I should sign back

Here's a stamp that'l make your page look important! (no offense to other stamps)

thnx for signin my guest book and i told ya u would i dont have a stamp so all i have 2 say is YOU SMELL
Just signing cuz of that thread about saying something about the guy above you and you said I'd sign your GB and i did! imagine that!

sign back or i'll chew it off
Since you signed mine I'm returning the favor!
You have been stamped by thecandyman328.
Now I'm starting to go even weirder on neoseeker, so don't judge my Stamp.

You are the first to recieve it, be honoured:

Sign Back.

Black Darkness
LOL, you said sign back, so I'm signing back! Wo0t wo0t. Here's a stamp I made. Enjoy!

Thx for signin mines, btw.

-Peace out-
I like, never check my GB, but thanks for signing it. Figured I should return the favor. Now I'm going to post the standard "This wouldn't be 125 characters without this sentence." sentence.
What's up? you signed my g'book so i thought i would sign yours. wanna be neofreinds?

but why r u an everton supporter if u live in liverpool lol that seems a bit wierd cos there is loads of animosity anyways i'll add you to my msn k?
ok i'm just typing cos i forgot my photobucket password so i have to talk gibbberish until i reach the character limit so blablabla i'll give u s stamp as soon as i remember my password ok
Hello my fellow scouser. Thanks for signing my guestbook.

thank you for signing my guestbook.
and i hope you'r gonna have a great time on neoseeker in the future!

wel i cant make stamps, but this is better then nothing, right?
Hey, thanks for the stamp. Here's me stamping back.

credit to efc fan for the stamp.

Hope to see you around!
stampin you back.

thansk for the stamp too.
Signing back.

Stamped twice. Aren't you lucky.
Signing back thanks for doing that for me!

Don't know if you are a LOST fan but its the only stamp I got.
W00t, w00t!

Go Everton!!!

Signing your guestbook Everton 4 Eva (And I'm the first )

Here's my coolio stamp:

Sign back y'all

efc fan