Congrates, you are one of the chosen ones that has been...err, well randomly chosen to be stamped because I'm on one of my signing sprees.

Best wishes to you, you very random person you!!
DarkLink89 Evermore Citizen
Oct 31, 06 12:45am
I'm also bored and I have nothing else to do.

Never Forget: Harima Kenji + Sawachika Eri forever. Any other paths are wrong and can lead you to disappointment and suffering.

Azn_Applecake Evermore Citizen
Oct 2, 06 9:20pm
i make a point to sign anyone with a link to their guestbook in their signature, so...

sorry for the sucky stamp...
sign back!
Shackled Evermore Citizen
Jun 16, 06 2:16pm

Sign back, or Franken Bush will be elected in '09. We don't want that now do we?
bobotaco Evermore Citizen
Mar 1, 06 12:01pm
you got the question right in millionare i lied i sign your guestbook if u get it right. ok so it was an easy question but it was the first one anyways goodjob^_^
Fatal Kane Evermore Citizen
Feb 10, 06 4:22pm
Stamping your GB... PLZ Stamp me back!

hahahahahah Dharock owned you.
Stamped by:
tifa_666 Evermore Citizen
Nov 26, 05 11:35pm
You've been stamped by Tifa_666
Sign my guestbook too please ^^
Misty Evermore Citizen
Oct 9, 05 1:41am
Hey, thanks for signing the guestbook. Another person to add to the Loungin' braincell I guess


Seeker X Evermore Citizen
Oct 4, 05 1:11am
Well you know how it is in Loungin'...everywhere there's supidity...Im probably in it lol! see ya in loungin'

(No stamp, sorry)
Dragon Tamer888 Evermore Citizen
Sep 11, 05 7:17am
stamping spree!!!!

just because i am bord i organized these pics to show how mutch i saport the bb+raven fact AND to show my apresheashon ao the artists who did these pics.


you can tell they like eatchother

always together.

thru the best of times...

the worst of times...

and the just plain funny times!

this is why bb loves raven

see? he drools over her XD

this is why raven loves bb!

and a face like this dosent hurt eather

two lovers reading a book wait... bb is reading!?

arnt they just cute together?

now if only bb wuld knock before entering XD

well wadea know? they even tride for a suntan comershul XD (i bet beast boy enjoyed this;))

one wants to shop for cloths the other wants to shop for love XD

they TRY to have a nice dade but robin and cyborg need to brake the walls while playing football XD

at least they have a nice time by the pool

first comes love then comes marige! then comes...


is this what the lovebirds have in store for them? i hope so!
Ghettomusick Evermore Citizen
Aug 19, 05 2:46pm
Wow, I would have expected you to have more stamps. You are really cool in the forums so heres a stamp!

~I got Peas on my head but dont call me a pea-head
Bees on my head but dont call me a bee-head
Bruce Lees on my head but dont call me a lee-head
Now excuse please, I gots to get my tree fed
You wear name brands I make my own clothing
I hang out with an apple who loves self loathing
Apple: I hate myself
Pancake on my face makes me extra happy
I like shampoo bottles that sit on my lappy
Cuz its my show you cant tell me what to do
When life gives me lemons i make beef stew
Now its time for me to go you know im gonna rock it
I put bologna in my left pocket
Smear some cream cheese in my gold locket
Cuz its my show im andy milinokis
Its my show im smandy smilismokis
Its my show im andy milinokis

Roy Evermore Citizen
Aug 15, 05 3:20am
Hey! I am signing your guestbook because you seem like a good member on neoseeker. I have seen you post in the Super Smash Bros. Melee forum. By any chance want to join my site? It should be in my profile. Sign my guestbook please as well! Hope to see you more!

sonic111 Evermore Citizen
Jul 9, 05 2:01am

saw u so i am signing,plzs sign back and pm me if u want
well, i see you GB is empty dude, so im gonna stamp ya! im also gonna pm ya k!