Hello, I'm relatively new to Summoners War and I'm pretty torn about what Monster I should invest my time an

Hello, Recently i have been working on a pokemon emerald Rom Hack. I tried using pokescript but the download was taken do

Looking For shiny shaymin and other shiny grass types (not bellsprout)

Hello! I am looking for a legit shiny shaymin in pokemon x or y. I am offering a 6 perfect iv shiny bulbasaur which has not b

Hi guys im back with another redundant jokes forum, except this one's not about cheesy jokes, its about our favorite poke

Xerneas For the Win
Dammit hackers go "F" your self. Be careful bad eggs are out so i recommend not trading with anyone but friends!
I cant wait for Pokemon Z! X was good but had a very small post game unlike the huge one in BW2 a game i dont feel like completing...
Getting ripped off, YEAH! (not)
New ipod, no cash to get things
I want to open a poke forum shop but i just dont have the right skills
So many projects for school! When will i catch a break?
wow! I've never one a thing in my life but i just won a shiny raffle!
so many things i need to do, that i don't want to deal with!


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