Hey guys, I'm looking for uncloned Kalos events, preferably with picture proof of obtaining. I can offer anywhere from 2-

I'm currently looking for a singapore gengar unused event code. I am desperately looking for one. I currently only have t

What I'm looking for: 1. Unused Kalos event serial codes that can be redeemed on my North American game 2. Self-obtai

Hello, I'm looking for unused Kalos Event Pokemon Codes that I can obtain in an American game. I currently only have

Hey guys, After the summer, I was finally able to go back to the US and buy an action replay pro, so I can now clone poke

Offering: - Naive Olleh TV Charizard - Hasty Olleh TV Charizard - Naughty Olleh TV Charizard LF new/rare/things I don&a

Hi guys, here is a list of all my current Kalos Pokes. Looking mostly for clone trades, as I can clone, but if I really want

Hey guys, I'm looking for Kalos Events, more precisely, the news ones that just came out (PC Gengar, kangashkan, Paris Vi

As I stated in my title, I'm trading a Korean Olleh TV Charizard (Quirky Nature), for an UNUSED Walmart Scizor Code for m

- Korean Movie 17 Darkrai, Naughty Nature, 4/23/2014 - Arash's Mamoswine, Adamant Nature, Likes to Fight 5/3/2014 Loo

As stated, I'm offering Kalos event Pokemon for Kalos event Pokemon. Please specify the date, nature of the date when off

I'm trading my Kalos Born shiny 5IV (missing HP IV, unfortunately) Timid Polar Pattern Vivillon. Kind of bugs me to ha

As the title said, I'm looking for a reliable and trustworthy cloner who can help me clone my Pokemon for my trades. Refe

hey, I'm looking for a cloning partner that would help me clone my Pokemon for trades. If you wish to clone, you must pro

Hey guys, I have compiled a list of all my high IV Kalos Born Shinies, Kalos Legends with High IVs, and numerous Kalos event

My request is simple, I'm trading leftovers for a Charizardite X mega stone. FC is in my sig: 3351 5294 2334.

Looking for as the title states (kalos born, high IV shiny with beneficial nature, and not powersaved or otherwise hacked in

All are Kalos born: - Shiny 6IV adamant Inkay - Shiny 5IV scrappy ability jolly Miltank - Timid Spring 2014 Magmar LF:

UT and not-powersaved Magmar - Timid - A little quick tempered - Vital Spirit - 4/4/2014 LF: - Other legit events - 6IV

As I stated in the beginning, I'm looking for a Pokemon with the ability synchronize and jolly nature. Also want it to ho

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