I'm trading my Kalos Born shiny 5IV (missing HP IV, unfortunately) Timid Polar Pattern Vivillon. Kind of bugs me to ha

As the title said, I'm looking for a reliable and trustworthy cloner who can help me clone my Pokemon for my trades. Refe

hey, I'm looking for a cloning partner that would help me clone my Pokemon for trades. If you wish to clone, you must pro

Hey guys, I have compiled a list of all my high IV Kalos Born Shinies, Kalos Legends with High IVs, and numerous Kalos event

My request is simple, I'm trading leftovers for a Charizardite X mega stone. FC is in my sig: 3351 5294 2334.

Looking for as the title states (kalos born, high IV shiny with beneficial nature, and not powersaved or otherwise hacked in

All are Kalos born: - Shiny 6IV adamant Inkay - Shiny 5IV scrappy ability jolly Miltank - Timid Spring 2014 Magmar LF:

UT and not-powersaved Magmar - Timid - A little quick tempered - Vital Spirit - 4/4/2014 LF: - Other legit events - 6IV

As I stated in the beginning, I'm looking for a Pokemon with the ability synchronize and jolly nature. Also want it to ho

This is all the Kalos born shiny flawless, high IV legends, and events I have. Thought I would just put them down and see if

Offering a timid Spring 2014 Timid Magmar. For some reason, when it was redeemed it doesn't come with a classic ribbon, b

Fennekin is UT, Kalos Born, non-powersaved/shinified, 6IV, shiny, Modest, HA, UT, and has four egg moves Spring 2014 Magmar

As the title said, I'm offering these two Pokemon (I only have one of each): - Fennekin with Modest nature and hidden ab

What I have for trade: - 6IV Shiny Kalos-Born Timid HA (Solar Power) Charmander - Level 10 but cleared of EVs - 6IV Shiny K

As the title said, I have one shiny 6IV Kalos Born Charmander with its Hidden Ability Solar Power and Timid nature. It has th

Charmander - 6IV, Timid, Shiny, Kalos Born, Hidden Ability Solar Power Klefki - 6IV, Bold, Shiny, Kalos Born, Prankster Ab

As stated in the title, I'm offering a 6IV Shiny Adamant Fletchling with its hidden ability, Gale Wings. I'm looki

As stated in the title, I'm offering a Shiny 6IV Adamant HA Fletchling, and a Shiny 5IV Timid Vivillon (Garden Pattern).

Hey guys, I'm looking for 5-6 IV Shinies with benefical nature that are Kalos Born. I also want them to be legit, meaning

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