So I've got a new macbook and am trying to sort out cloud saving so I can take my FM game mobile. It is saving correctly,

So I haven't played since 2K11 and this whole VC thing is a bit annoying to be honest. I want to play MyTeam but it seems

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Not everyone may appreciate soundtracks, especially for video games, but musical scores are like oxygen -- you...

feet in the sand, camera in hand, wind in hair, sun on face. Loving life.
fell down the rabbit hole and landed on the other side of the rainbow
isn't in Kansas anymore
riding rainbows.
falling down the rabbit hole...
is dancing in my blue suede shoes
is strolling along the yellow brick road
is heading down the rabbit hole.
is dropping wobbly basslines all night long.

Remember kids when you jump on a bandwagon don't forget to wear your seat belt as falling off usually hurts.

With that warning in mind...


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Ok now with that advertising out of the way I'd just like to let everyone know that I have created my own blog at I will be making most of my blogging posts over there from now on. Expect to see new music from up and coming artists, new photography and interesting stories. Also plenty of personal musings and thoughts. I encourage you all to check it out at empireunderthesun.blogspot

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So I decided to finally create myself an account over at deviantART to try and share some of my photography with the community of artists over there. My profile is aeon-B89.

I'm currently working with a FujiFilm J10. It's a very basic point-and-shoot digital camera I picked up in airport duty free. It did the job for me while I was overseas to get a few interesting and memorable snaps. The plan is though to upgrade to something a bit more formidable once I can afford the hefty price tag that decent cameras come with.

You can find unedited versions of all the shots I've submitted so far in my Neo Gallery. If you are interested in checking them out though I would recommend heading over to deviantART as the quality of the shots is miles better.

I appreciate any constructive criticism if you wish to share, whether over there or here is irrelevant. If you're also at deviantART leave a link to you profile here. It's always good to see the work of other artists out there; it's how we improve.

I'll leave you with a couple of samples to whet your appetites.

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