duker nuker Ethical Lust
Mar 03, 07 2:04am
Ethical sign omg ftw i win sining spree

The Evil Member Ethical Lust
Feb 26, 07 5:11pm
I was so freaking close to taking control over your body last night, had it not been for those friends of yours, THH, Mastix, Sven, Carn and MS, I would have been free to wreck havoc upon Neo once again! I eternally despise you as the weaker link of this body we share!
Kilik 64 Ethical Lust
Feb 25, 07 3:04pm
Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

Tom is the greatest Ethical Lust
Feb 19, 07 5:28am

Carnivorous Sheep Ethical Lust
Feb 02, 07 6:05am
First, huzzah!

I liked your old name better, but meh, whatever.

Ethical Lust sounds kinda weird to me xD

Anyways, kind regards from

Your Friendly Neighborhood