I will PAY -you- .70 cents to take this off my hands. TheBouncer PS2
Finally a game with its priorites straight. It features a koala. A very ugly koala, but stil a koala. 7/10 CrashBash PSX
Possess everything you see... dogs, socks, houseplants, big rocks, little rocks... Not really. But it would be cool if you did. It does... Tsugunai PS2
Not as good as the first... plus Murry the purple hippos sexuality seems to be fluctuating... 7.5/10 Sly2BandOfThieves PS2
Chihuahua mops with crowns = COOL. 7/10 ShinMegamiTenseiNocturne PS2
Worth it alone for the oresoren! (Sensitive otters!!) Actually, everything else is kind of lacking. =/ 10/10! TalesOfLegendia PS2
Some serious incest happening here... 6.5/10 ShadowOfDestiny PS2
Based on gay anime character designs. For -curious- women. 5/10 GaleriansASH PS2
Alyssa is a 14 year old with lots of babyfat. She wears a kilt like school uniform, and crawls around. A lot. She is diagnosed with... ClockTower3 PS2
Hot ASIAN twins! Idea probably straight from Austin Powers... 7/10 FatalFrame2CrimsonButterfly PS2
Once upon a time the kitties and bunnies and toads, and the apes and the pandas all live together. Peacefully. What happened to the... LegendOfKay PS2
Fight flatulating wolves in an epic adventure! ... 4/10 KyaDarkLineage PS2
Excellent beyond comprehension. 10/10 ShinMegamiTenseiDigitalDevilSaga PS2

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