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Welcome to Kingdom Hearts
Welcome! Here's a little about me...My name is Brian Hikari. I joined Neo November 25th, 2007 so I could get help on Digimon World Dawn. Impmon was flustering me. But then I discovered the nice community and decided to stay and chat. It's very fun, for such a short amount of time.
So about my Username. It came from my love of Kingdom Hearts, which led to my love of Utada Hikaru. One of her songs is called Animato, one of my favorite uplifting songs. And Eternale came from the elegance of the French Language! Ha! Not really, I just use this pen name a lot, so I tacked on an E to the end for a taboo reason, and voila...Eternale Animato was born and will forever be used. Also, I have a picture of it as an ambigram, but I deleted it. One day, I will make another one.
Anyway, I love Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and Digimon. I also love my DS and my PS2, as I am into Nintendo Handhelds and Sony Consoles. I am also more into the past-Gen than the next-Gen platforms.
I like creating new graphics and the like. SO HOLLA IF YOU LIKE MY NEO-SANCTUARY! Leave me a PM, sign my Guestbook, or become one of my friends (Join Org. XIII). Well, stick around and get to know me better if you'd like. Thanks for visiting!
PS I'm hoping to stick around, teach people, learn from people, and start some stories and the like. So I hope you can be a part of my history. Inspire me...
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