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Jan 19, 12 10:17am

Inspired by a certain comic.

That comic has got me thinking and nostalgiaing about a lot of things, not necessarily SOPA related.

Are communities destined to drift apart? Is it inevitable that the time will come where the place you came to everyday is nothing but a barren deserted corner of the Internet?

I've went through quite a few communities in the past, most if not all of them built around a certain interest. The most important one was one where we had joined together as just a simple guild on an MMO. Those were good times, fooling around, talking about the most pointless things, discussing little details to the extreme, typical guild activities. At one point however, it felt like more then just a group that would eventually disband or drift apart like all my past communities. As our interest in the game went through ups and downs, members came and went. There were many times where we nearly fell apart due to drama, inactivity, and just lack of interest. But we came through those. There used to be at least 40 of us, but in the end, it was the core of around 10 that stuck together till the end when the interest was gone and supposedly the thing that kept us together. To this point, We still talk daily on a chat as we move from one gaming phase to another.

But what is it that keeps as together? Is it because we're a group of friends that have been together for so long that there should be no reasoning behind it? Or is it because we still share a common interest, that ties us together? But interests fade away just like members. Half of the core group are already inactive because of shifting interests, internal tension, or other life priorities. The activity is half of what it used to be, and since we're so close yet closed, there won't be any new members. Is that little chatroom that's always on a tab everytime I'm online going to end up as an untouched bookmark? Can I see as together still in another two years? Five years? What about beyond that? How strong must our bonds be to keep us together as life tries to pull as apart with time?

The same could be said about this Anime forum here. We're all here because we love anime and that interest is what keeps us here. But how long do you actually see yourself watching anime? Some people incorporate it so strongly in their life that they're been at it for 10+ years, but I think for most of us, it is just a hobby. An interest that will not last forever. At some point we are going to grow tired of it or have other circumstances in our individual lives pull us away from it. At that point, where would this forum end up?

I've heard that forums are slowly dying as a whole to other forms of social media. Is that another inevitable phase as the Internet evolves and changes, just like us?

What is a community without members?


But memories.

Sorry for the long and depressingly toned rambling. These are just thoughts that have been drifting for quite some time around my mind. That comic had just helped bring them into concrete words. I don't normally get inspired to write, so that just speaks of how greatly that comic touched me.



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