Crystal Creation Esor Kcalb
Oct 13, 07 10:55pm
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Crystal Creation Esor Kcalb
Sep 20, 07 12:24am
Well, It's the 19th Today, so it must be your Birthday!
Happy Birthday to yoo! ^^
Although I hate the song so I won't sing it, but I can give you my version if you want:
"its your birthday lol! the end"
like it? xD

Have a Good One! ^^ And cheers to Neofriends too!

Feather of Warrior Esor Kcalb
Aug 07, 07 7:29am
i see you like Avatar: the last airbender well you'll love this here you go
Aang has here!! well thanks for replying to .hack most beautiful page.
Sakura Esor Kcalb
Jul 07, 07 4:23am

Thanks for voting in the Pokémon Diamond Awards!

god of power Esor Kcalb
Jun 06, 07 6:37pm
hi its me well i better make this quick.

you seem like a nice person i would like to get to know you better just PM un less you hate me just tell me if you di i can handel it.
Palatine Esor Kcalb
Feb 04, 07 6:02am
Hi, I see that you are new to neoseeker so I just wanted to sign your guestbook... Don't forget to sign back and take part in my Best Game Character competition.