Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Well, It's the 19th Today, so it must be your Birthday!
Happy Birthday to yoo! ^^
Although I hate the song so I won't sing it, but I can give you my version if you want:
"its your birthday lol! the end"
like it? xD

Have a Good One! ^^ And cheers to Neofriends too!

i see you like Avatar: the last airbender well you'll love this here you go
Aang has here!! well thanks for replying to .hack most beautiful page.

Thanks for voting in the Pokémon Diamond Awards!

hi its me well i better make this quick.

you seem like a nice person i would like to get to know you better just PM un less you hate me just tell me if you di i can handel it.
Hi, I see that you are new to neoseeker so I just wanted to sign your guestbook... Don't forget to sign back and take part in my Best Game Character competition.