Eridor's Neohome
Welcome to my first Neohome! Enjoy your stay.
Welcome to my very first NeoHome! I've never really wanted one, but I decided to ask Altaura to make me one, and he did. So, thanks Altaura! ^_^

Featured in this NeoHome, will be stuff about me, my friends, my graphic designing, ways you can contact me, and whatever else I can think of.
Well, as you all know, I am Eridor. As some of you may know, my name is Wayland Nicholus Jenkins. I came to Neoseeker on January 25, 2008, and I was introduced to this site by a friend from school, Brian, known as Brian 3344 on here. I started in the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Teams forums, where I mostly stayed at. Later, I then moved to PMD: Darkness/Time, and the PokeFiction forums, where I became a writer. I now dwell in PokeFiction, Loungin', The Writer's Lounge, Graphics Request, Books & Lit., SSBB Crews, and a few lesser. I don't browse all of these as a super-active member, but some I am more active than others. I have become a writer and a graphic artist in my time on Neo, and have become good at both of them. I have not moderated any forums, but I would like to at some point in time. Currently, I hang around pretty much anywhere. It's mostly in the areas of my Favorite Forums, but I go other places as well. I've been contributing a lot lately to CRS. Neoseeker has become a good part of my life, and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon.
Zandy is a great friend. Ever since I've met him, we've talked a good bit. I still remember when I got a PM from him, saying that he wanted to get to know me, and I though 'Who the hell is this guy?', but decided to talk to him, and it was a good decision. He has been my mentor in the ways of HTML, and I am slowly, slowly learning it. Other than that, he always pushes me into CRS, which is now something I greatly enjoy. I also look at him as a rival. Without realizing it, we're always competing at whatever it is we may be doing, and it is great. I'd like to know him for as long as possible.

Josh is one of my first friends made here on Neoseeker, and one of the greatest. Back when I first came to Neoseeker, and I was hanging around in the PokéFiction Forum, I mainly read his stories, and the 'Evil Team Overload! Team Peace Needs You!' RP series, which was created by him. It was mostly Josh that inspired me to write my first story. He has always supported me in my writing, whether it be just reading, or giving criticism when I ask for it. He is a wonderful person, and one who I wish to know for a long time.

Brian 3344
Technically, Brian is my first friend from Neoseeker, seeing as it was him who introduced me. He is a friend from school, and one of my best. Brian always has some kind of interesting technology news to discuss, or at least something interesting to say. He is the one I go to in school to talk about gaming, and anything related to technology. Other then writing our first story together, which was called 'The Rise of Arceus', he has almost always been there for me throughout my Neoseeker history. Although he only pops in every now and again, he's still one of my greatest friends.

Angela, I had never even knew you existed until Sarvani invited you to that one conversation. After that, I never really thought her and I would speak again, but then she started a conversation one day, and things went crazy. XD In a short amount of time, I think her and I have become pretty good friends, as well as me being her Lover/Stalker. Our conversations usually end up getting kinda odd, but that just makes them all the more fun. Angela is definitely a friend I don't want to lose anytime.

Kelly and I were introduced by Zandy. Although we've never really talked much, our conversations have always been pretty good ones. She's a great person, and I really don't know what else to say other than that.

I know I've missed people. If you'd like to be added to this list, just send me a PM and tell me. ;)
Here are a few of my pieces. As well as doing request, I also do random things that I think of. More images can be found in my Gallery.


AIM: RiotEridor

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