Here's to hopes of an awesome Christmas and the joys brought by the New Year are in your favor. Remember that
Emiry laves you and hopes you are safe and happy for not only now, but always. Don't forget it, though she has no problem with reminding you.
Plz remember not to break your neck, if anything happens to you Emiry Will Be Quite Angry... Have fun though ;D.
I've made myself a stamp and I'm stamping eveyone's book with it!

Cool, right? Thanks for your help.

The title just sounds wrong, doesn't it?
To Eridor you are awesome
kind and helpful you make
really good sigs and you
helped me well on neoseeker
you rock!!!!
I just wanted to say thank you for making my signature in the Diamond Graphics Request Thread.I managed to find a stamp for me to sign your Guest book.Hope your a Shadow Fan!

STAMPED!!! See you around!
I have to say that yoyu have many cheats done and may i ask do you only use animal crossing for cheats? I admire your acievments and appreceate your tips and help. Have you submitted over 5000 cheats yet because i have seen loags of yours on neoseeker.
Hey man, just wanted to say that you're an awesome person, and a very nice friend. It's nice talking to you too, and usually, it's a pleasant talking time we have XD.

Anyways, don't ever change Wayland, and remember to be cool.
Hi eridor hows the day?
Summer time has got me hyper!
XD =]
Go summer!Go summer!Go summer! Nooooo mooorrrreee worrrrkk!
In the words of a great seeker, to lazy to make you a stamp, so just be glad that I actually signed.

It's also pretty sad that you actually clicked on my link xD
Merry Christmas Eridor!!!
Hope you have a good one.
Thanks for doing a Joint Story with me.

Hey, eridor. Just felt like signing the guestbook of one of my neofriends, who is an awesome person to hang out with. Also, here's a stamp.

Sign back sometime.
Thanks for editing my stamp, it looks really cool. I guess I will see you around. credit to eridor for editing stamp.
Hiya, I guess I'm the first one to sign this correct, well you know what that means... SIGN MINE! Well you don't have to but I really would like it if someone signed mine. Anyways, nice stories and awesome details. You should be a like story book writer guy. haha. Well I guess I will talk to you like everyday mostly so cya.