Hey guys this is the first half of chapter 1 on trine 2 unfortunately this hasn't done that well so if it don't pick

Hey guys we are bringing you an excellent gun game here from Oldskool he gets some pretty sweet kills and kicks ass like norm

Hey guys here's some of Oldskools finest moments playing ghosts with music in the background I hope you enjoy this and pl

Hey guys were bringing you a new game here and it's a bit different from what I usually play it's set in a magical an

Hey guys we are nearing the end of this amazing game now and I'm really hoping they bring out some dlc possibly some new

Hi guys got some decent footage of Oldskool kicking ass on the dlc map unearthed I hope you all enjoy :) Link to the vide

Hey guys this is the first part of the devastation dlc we are bringing you it's on ruins and it's a really good game

Hi here were bringing you the kraken boss fight on mayday this is the first bit of footage from us of the devastation dlc wit

Hey guys now this is special very *bleep*ing special Oldskool showing his talent here and giving you a guide on how to succes

Hey guys this is parts 2 and 3 of the whistleblower dlc Oldskools commentary on this are a work of art and will make you pee

Hey guys this is the highly anticipated brand new whistleblower dlc that has just been released for outlast this is part one

Hey guys here's Oldskool on the third level of this wonderful game on veteran now with full Comms after adjusting the in

Hey guys this game is scary as *bleep* and Oldskool literally shits his pants playing through it on these episodes and it is

Hi guys this is a new game we are bringing you it's pretty damn awesome Erebos Inferno is doing it on the Inferno difficu

Hey guys here's some sweet footage of Oldskool doing gun game on the dlc map containment he does particularly well here g

Hi guys here's some awesome gameplay which also serves as a guide on how to complete hardcore mode on point of contact on

Hi guys and welcome to the second part of Outlast on the PS4 going forward i will be putting batches of 2 on YouTube instead

Hi guys here we have Oldskool showing you step by step how to do the Easter egg for the onslaught dlc this earns you a cool 1

Hi guys this is the second level on veteran from me I value your opinion and want you to comment on if you enjoyed this and i

Hi Guys here we have Rebornfury successfully showing you how to take down every hive and also making it the the escape point

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