they are Ralts Carvanha Numel Swablu Bagon have many events in shop to offer. link in sig

ot 영화관 id 01155 can trade 2-3 events for it. ink to shop in sig

so far i got pokemon cafe pikachu(P-Cafe/01095) pikachu naive 1-9-2015 takes plenty of siestas for other pikachus i have

ps date of scizor is 1-27-2014 for trade many events in shop including new serperior,mysterious world darkrai and much more

all of these are hacks 2014 Birthday Flareon | OT:ポケセン♪ ID:10014 | Timid - Mischievous -

top priority goes to a legal checked pcny wish kangaskhan legal checked Norii bidoof legal checked Maatan shinx legal chec

i know chances of finding one are very slim but i will still try. before trading i need info like id ot. this will be a gen 4

so far i got mysterious world darkrai(신비한 세계/12044) darkrai timid 12-20-2014 mischievous

the timid highly curious one is probabaly hacked so i need one that isn't check my shop

i am just messing around and trying to put a message the depths but it won't work. i am connected online. it shows the a

so far i got jump festa linoone(ジャンフェス/12204) linoone calm 12-21-2014 a little q ft many events in shop

FT pikachu adamant 12-12-2014 loves to eat pikachu calm 12-13-2014 good endurance pikachu impish 12-12-2014 capable of ta

here's what i got so far aggron aggron brave 7-6-2014 capable of taking hits aggron brave 7-6-2014 likes to thrash a

ft pc froakie language set poke scraps pc tokyo piplup korean,japanese,french eon ticket sets and much more in my shop i

will be getting a froakie soon so i don't know nature pc tokyo piplup(はままつちょ/1

espeon modest 11-23-2014 loves to eat my birthday looking for rare trades such as other languages of korean pachirisu oth

need a AAA singing pikachu gen 5 file and gen 4 Monte L italian ho-oh file moved t gen 6 to trade to me in game. if anyone ca

kevin samos


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