FT pikachu adamant 12-12-2014 loves to eat pikachu calm 12-13-2014 good endurance pikachu impish 12-12-2014 capable of ta

here's what i got so far aggron aggron brave 7-6-2014 capable of taking hits aggron brave 7-6-2014 likes to thrash a

ft pc froakie language set poke scraps pc tokyo piplup korean,japanese,french eon ticket sets and much more in my shop i

will be getting a froakie soon so i don't know nature pc tokyo piplup(はままつちょ/1

espeon modest 11-23-2014 loves to eat my birthday looking for rare trades such as other languages of korean pachirisu oth

need a AAA singing pikachu gen 5 file and gen 4 Monte L italian ho-oh file moved t gen 6 to trade to me in game. if anyone ca

needs these so i can add them to my dex and evolve for their evolutions. will trade shinies on my alpha sapphire. i evolved t

want to start trading for uncloned events that have good proof like wc pics, attendance pics if possible, redemption pics etc

so far i have these pachirisu impish 11-15-2014 alert to sounds pachirisu impish 11-15-2014 somewhat vain i will do 2-3

need someone to redeem them in japanese and korean and trade the gengars to me. for trade copies of the gengars or 2 events f

i saw a post saying it can't be traded right now just like gamestop diancies can't. so when they can i want to trade

here is his messages to me regrading a game charizard with inferno. So one of the Charizards is missing powder snow from the

i have the english korean gengar and english singapore gengar so far. looking for other languages. will offer 3-4 events per

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