anyone have one they aren't using? i killed all the mimics and i didn't get it. if so then let me know where your sum

i have what's needed to do it but it won't let me. anyone knows what's wrong? i know i need to get the large fire

link to my past gen events are in my sig. NFT are not for trade so don't event bother asking. rare stuff for rare events

Hello i am trading gen 6 events. always looking for more either new natures, new events or characteristcs. Rules. 1. No eve

seeking an unused code. can offer multiple gen 4 and 5 events on file for one.

i have been told that the miranda one is likely shinified so i am looking for one that hasn't been. my list is i my sig.

since my 3ds is not recognizing my y version i don't have these shinies available from my list so i am asking for help to

looking for ut ones to replace mine. ut means no experience my event list.

i need high plains meadow sun check my list for kalos shinies

need to be checked for legality. i have many rare gba events to offer including some PCNYa, wish drowzee, any Gcea event, shi my good iv shinies

corocoro garchomp 11153 hasty sand veil draco meteor dragon claw dig crunch dragon fang walmart scizor WINTER2013 11153 Adam

i will trade a shiny 6iv oshawott plus another shiny from this list as long as i have another copy of it ready. https://docs.

trading for other shiny legends only japanese ho-oh japanese moltres x2 japanese zapdos x2 japanese mewtwo x2

looking for a trusted cloner who can clone quickly right now i need these cloned dragonite shiny 1+original gengar shiny 1

ft: pokemon from this list th

need a trustworthy cloner to clone these shiniess. 2+ original. feel free to clone yourself a copy of each for yourself 5iv

Offering these shines with these natures and ivs. they are clones just so you are aware. charizard adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31

i am looking for these japanese events i have many events on gen 4 and 5 to offer

kevin samos


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