i have been told that the miranda one is likely shinified so i am looking for one that hasn't been. my list is i my sig.

since my 3ds is not recognizing my y version i don't have these shinies available from my list so i am asking for help to

looking for ut ones to replace mine. ut means no experience my event list. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aj

i need high plains meadow sun check my list for kalos shinies http://bit.ly/1f6Fbsx

need to be checked for legality. i have many rare gba events to offer including some PCNYa, wish drowzee, any Gcea event, shi

http://bit.ly/1f6Fbsx my good iv shinies

corocoro garchomp 11153 hasty sand veil draco meteor dragon claw dig crunch dragon fang walmart scizor WINTER2013 11153 Adam

i will trade a shiny 6iv oshawott plus another shiny from this list as long as i have another copy of it ready. https://docs.

trading for other shiny legends only japanese ho-oh japanese moltres x2 japanese zapdos x2 japanese mewtwo x2

looking for a trusted cloner who can clone quickly right now i need these cloned dragonite shiny 1+original gengar shiny 1

ft: pokemon from this list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjdebOGYXzurdFgwUHBDWl94ZFBGMXVTbVZVMnZKSHc#gid=0 th

need a trustworthy cloner to clone these shiniess. 2+ original. feel free to clone yourself a copy of each for yourself 5iv

Offering these shines with these natures and ivs. they are clones just so you are aware. charizard adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31

i am looking for these japanese events http://projectpokemon.org/events/jp-VI.php. i have many events on gen 4 and 5 to offer

japanese furfrou japanese dugtrio butterfree slowbro japanese solrock seeking shiny charmander that can be used good for

i have two shiny tranquills to offer. i really want a shiny hawlucha since my game was trolling me by giving me 3. also i wou

looking for friend safaris with these pokemon. keep in mind i need to remove some people before adding others, fc is in my si

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