I tried to send a PM message the other day and I couldn't do it:

PM Error
The following errors were reported when trying to send your private message:
The recipient (Epsalon X) has chosen not to receive private messages

At first I thought you had a problem and so I thought I'd reply later, and eventually forgot. Since you replied, I'm pretty sure you clicked something, lol. Sorry for not doing this faster.
Glad to see you back on Neo Ian
I want you to read something that Paul wrote me when you get a chance,
and dinner soon?

hey thanks for signing my guest book but i've been very busy lately and i haven't been checking up on MP2 lately and also i'm in training at a military installation so i'm very busy so i have hardly enough time but thanks again for signing my guestbook ^^
I know you might not have a trusworthy internet connection at the moment, but I just wanted to sign your Guest Book it's been a while since I've talked to you.

I just wanna know how is your life?
It's been a while since we've chat, how's life? I see your still active that's good to know, are you settling in life well?

If your wondering I'm still a Megaman fan the last series I remember you in is Megaman Zero 4 then when Megaman ZX came out stuff came up, well it's up to Megaman ZX: Advent now! drop by the forum sometime.

Normally I don't go around stamping everyone's guestbooks, but today can be an exception.

Personal message for Ian: I miss you dude. Hopefully all is well in your life. ♥

Just came by to say Merry Christmas!

hey hows it goin,just wanted to say happy holidays,blah blah blah,good tidings<blah blah blah.we've all heard it.lol well seeya around

the darkness will never die...but its worth a try.
Halloween is gone but November 11th isn't! I'm sorry I haven't been able to talk to you. You have a unique way of speaking. Anyways bye!

The legendary Neo-Dragon: Epsalon X. it's a pleasure to meet you. I saw you around the Boktai forums. I mainly saw you in the forum discussing the creature "Dark". well, i don't have any stamps, but when i do, I'll be sure to post here again.

Please sign back to the guest book of
Hi Ian, this is Angela. I've switched accounts for several reasons, but I didn't come here just to tell you that. I miss you tons and tons. We haven't talked in... well, ages really. And I know for a fact you're never really on MSN anymore. I guess it would be nice if we could at least talk through PM once in a while... altough you're quite busy and all. Hopefully we'll get to talk in not too long.

Love, Angie
Hey dude, it's great to see you back in the boktai 2 forum. I always looked up to you when I first joined, so i'm pleased to stamp you with my newest stamp (I made it myself!).

See you around!

Yours truly,
Miyavi frowns on whatever religion you subscribe to, but he still expects gifts!

Although it's late, Myv and I wish you happy holidays from a pair of ornery atheists. Politically correct nondenominational cheer all around!
We haven't spoken in ages. I hope you're doing well. I found out about this new anime. Well, it's not exactly new. It's been out for a while but most anime fans haven't heard of it. It's a shounen-ai/yaoi anime named Sukisho. I have video clips from the anime as well. Drop me a PM if you're interested! You may see some things about games if you search. That's because Sukisho is an anime, manga, and a few games as well. Perhaps in the same format as Silver Chaos, I dunno.

In the meantime I'll give you some pics. Enjoy!

±±± Happy Holidays ±±±

« Chobo the Hobo»

Hi! Remember me? No? Well, that... Stinks. Yes? Cool! I'm back, and crazier than ever! If we're ever online at the same time, give me a PM or sumthin and we'll talk, kay?

Note: We may have already been in contact since my actual return, but pretend this is out of the blue, okay? I'm not sure who knows and who doesn't know though, so this'll be popping up on most, if not all, of my signings... Hum...

Hey Epsalon X, I noticed it was your birthday today, and decided to wish you a happy one. So have a happy birthday, and hope you have many more on the way.
The last time i signed you asked me what my stamp was based on. I didn't have one, and i promised that i would stamp you when i got one. Yep, i finally have a stamp!

Enjoy and please come back to the boktai forums soon! See you around!
thanks 4 helping me with zelda! THE FOLLOWING IS JUST TO MEET THE MINUMIM LENGTH: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Thank you for signing my guestbook, I only had one person sign it, and Lumeister was my Neo-friend. so thankx again.

Here's a picture form Dragonball Z.
stamping spree!!!!

just because i am bord i organized these pics to show how mutch i saport the bb+raven fact AND to show my apresheashon ao the artists who did these pics.


you can tell they like eatchother

always together.

thru the best of times...

the worst of times...

and the just plain funny times!

this is why bb loves raven

see? he drools over her XD

this is why raven loves bb!

and a face like this dosent hurt eather

two lovers reading a book wait... bb is reading!?

arnt they just cute together?

now if only bb wuld knock before entering XD

well wadea know? they even tride for a suntan comershul XD (i bet beast boy enjoyed this;))

one wants to shop for cloths the other wants to shop for love XD

they TRY to have a nice dade but robin and cyborg need to brake the walls while playing football XD

at least they have a nice time by the pool

first comes love then comes marige! then comes...


is this what the lovebirds have in store for them? i hope so!
Hey! I have a new stamp!

Its actually like my old one, but much better
I could have swore I signed back. I'm really sorry, but... I'm here now! That's what matters, right?

Well, I just want to thank you for being such a great friend. Not a lot of people are willingly to sit and listen about my past. It means a lot to me.

Um... here is my stamp, hope you like it:

Talk to you later.

Hey, thanks for helping me with my question, It was bothering me for a long time and you were the first one to answer me. Thanks

Also, Nice Banner.It's really well done and I really wish I could make one of that quality. Keep up the Good work!

Isn't that guy cool?