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Here are some thoughts on the nature of gravity. Gravity: the force of attraction between all masses in the universe. Gravitation requires at least two masses in space. After a long enough timeline, all of the masses in the universe will collapse into one "singularity". In the event of a singularity gravity must then cease to exist, as it exists between multiple masses. If gravity ceases to exist, the energy restrained will expand. Hence, the big bang.

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  2. TCP/IP
    Transmission Control Protocol is a method (protocol) used along with the internet protocol (ip) to send data in the form of message units, called packets, between computers over the internet. Internet protocol is the method or protocol by which data is sent from one copmuter to another on the internet. Each computer on the internet is uniquely identified by an IP address. TCP/IP has been adopted as the official communications protocol of the internet. TCP and IP each have different functions that work together to ensure reliable communications over the internet.
    Hypertext Transer Protocol is a set of rules for exchanging files such as text, graphics, images, sound, video, and other multimedia files on the Web. Web browsers and Web servers usualy use this protocol. When the user of a Web browser requests a file by typing a Web site address or clicking a hyperlink, the browser builds an HTTP request and sents it to the server. The Web server in the destination machine receives the request, does any necessary processing, and responds with the requested file and any associated media files.
    File Transfer Protocol is a set of rules that allow files to be exchanged between computers on the internet. Unlike HTTP which is used by web browsers to request web pages and their associeated files in order to display a web page, FTP is used simply to move files from one computer to another. Web developers commonly use FTP to transfer web page files from their computer to web servers. FTP is also commonly used to download programs and files from other servers to idividual computers.