Magnetar Epoch
May 20, 15 2:05pm
Sir, im sorry to have to tell you this but.......I am going to need to arrest you
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Mar 23, 15 12:13pm

Easy method for defeating the hidden boss. Minerva, Mission 9-6-6 _Reward Divine slayer:_ HP, MP, AP, DMG, breaks. Auto

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Oct 11, 14 12:31am

I picked this game up on steam a few days ago, been playing it through. At first I didn't like it very much due to th

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Aug 26, 14 7:02pm

Step 1: type /ignorepersist and make sure it says "enabled". Step 2: type /filtermsg *InsertWordHere* . (ea

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Mar 16, 14 1:48pm

There are at least 2 places it can definitely be destroyed, the first is the second battle, the other is the bridge battle. (

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Jan 18, 14 9:55pm

Step 1, remove UMD if any. Step 2, completely power off, remove battery. Step 3, Insert battery, while still off, hold the

Jan 04, 14 2:43pm
The Final Freakin BOSS!
Dec 18, 13 11:52am
This is madness!
Oct 05, 13 1:51pm
The Final Freaking Boss
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