is completely clueless
Completely clueless.
Completely clueless
Warning: walls of text ahead.
This game is amazing, and so is Double H. CARLLLLSOOOON AND PEEEETERRRRS! BeyondGoodandEvil PC
The Virtual Console version, which isn't available for choice on the site. I like playing the song of storms randomly. It's just fun... TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime N64
Actually it's the VC version, but couldn't find it on the site. TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask N64
I love this game. It's so quirky! Can't remember when I first finished this, must've been a few years ago... PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor GC
Different from the other games, but still enjoyable. Count Bleck is an awesome character, if you ask me. And Bowser's just plain... SuperPaperMario Wii
I played this briefly as a kid, never saw it again, played TTYD, then decided to get this again on VC a couple years later. PaperMario N64
Everyone's so mean to Ratchet in this game... ahaha. It's all in good fun though. RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
So very entertaining... I love the addition of the strafing feature. RatchetandClankGoingCommando PS2
Captain Qwark is ridiculously facepalm-worthy. RatchetandClank PS2
Linear, but also really fun. It's funny how completely upgraded weapons get shiny rainbow effects instead of their usual ones. RatchetDeadlocked PS2
Kind of like Mario Kart, but with Jak. And it's also really fun. JakXCombatRacing PS2
Difficult, but enjoyable. Jak2 PS2
Light Jak's flight ability is the best part. :D Jak3 PS2
I don't like FPS games too much, but Metroid Prime is a pretty good one. Haven't really done too much with it though; MetroidPrime GC
This is a mind-screwing game. And yet so addictive... FurFightersViggosRevenge PS2
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