You OK? Those titles aren't exactly eccentric...

“You think you know someone, but you don't...”

And then another one, but I'm just wondering. You wanna finish it over PM?

"Corouge... faith... wisdom... bravery... honor... hope... love... What do we do with these things? We abuse them. Take Yellowcard, Light up the Sky and Fighting for example. Listen closely. Never give in, open your eyes, you'll see! No more hibernation! We live! We fight! We honor! We're friends."

Hope you have a lovely day every day, Eon80.

♭()K|=/\/\ /\ S 〒 |= R S〒^R |()

Technically I was the first one to post a Christmas message 'cuz I did last year. SO HAH! T^T

Anyway uh merry christmas for the third time! o:

Heley out! o:<

I know it's a tad bit early, but happy Holidays Cody! thanks for always being there, even through my ups and downs! You're an epic friend!

Happy Early Christmas!
Hope you have a great Christmas and try not to ninja kick people in the face! It all ends up with tears and awesomeness!

Merry Christmas buddy! Have a good'un!
Just thought I would sign this because I generally believe you are god. :')

Stay being awesome and stuff and keep that anvil locker a secret


Well Eon, guess what? You have been StaMped! The rest of these words are just fillers to meet the 125 character limit.
happy birthday cody!! i hope your day will b fabulous and there will a big party

Happy Birthday Cody! Hope your day is totally awesome, and that the eons will make your day awesome as well! ^-^
Happy Birthday my fellow co-staff!
Have fun, and don't think about getting older! XD
Title says it all, you are the nicest mod I've ever met. You are also my favorite mod too! Keep on having fun with everybody!
    Wotcher, Eon! Thanks for signing my guestbook a couple of days ago. I never managed to sign back, but here it is now, with a new stamp, too! It's kind of plain: Mostly just text with a cubism form of a photo of my Harry Potter mug.

    Don't feel so down on yourself being a Hufflepuff! Hufflepuffs are awesome! Just look at Nymphadora Tonks: She was Sorted into Hufflepuff, and she is a total bamf. I have Hufflepuff tendencies myself, so that makes me a Ravenpuff. And that's true—at least you're not in Slytherin. Like Hagrid once said, there just about hasn't been one person that hasn't gone bad that was Sorted into Slytherin.

    Well, have a totally awesome day! Bye!

subject speaks for itself, but i can truely say, "I Love You". You're an awesome guy that wont lie, we can talk for hours during heavy rain showers, you're great person to talk to and a best friend true. if you got my message, it's that i love you!
Hello, Since you signed mine i will sign yours, You are my first Neo-friend, And still my only, And you have been very nice to me, I really appreciate it, I am glad i met you, And i hope the best for you.

Heyyy Eon
I figured I should sign your guestbook since I haven't yet. Ever since I met you you've always been a great friends who gets ninja'd too easily, and is way to funny. ;3 Your a kind, loyal friend who knows when to goof off. Soz, I leave you with this! ^^

thanks for signing my guestbook!
same thing to you too!!
and thanks for helping me with movesets and such for my game haha
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
I is bored and figured I would see what it's like to sign a guestbook... You just so happen to be one of the coolest people i know on Neoseeker and now your a mod, plus you used a graphic I made.... AND you LIKE EEVEELUTIONS!!!! This all makes you awesome and worth having me sign your guestbook...
Guess I gotta sign this now, huh?

Well Cody you've been one of my best friends since I first started being active. You really seem to know your stuffz and I respect you for that.
Well thanks for everything!

I have to sign your guestbook now.
Thanks for being an awesome friend, you're awesome, funny and everything else you said.
Hope we can keep talking all the time!
Merry Christmas

Heya Cody, Merry Christmas and a Happy new year
yea that's it xD
Midnightwolf out ;0
Either add me to closest friends as only my closest friends can know my name, delete my name and just have Ice, COOOOLLLLLLLLLLIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGWWWWWWWOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD, I hate Snakes and I'm really tired. I could probably do this over PM but meh.
So I heard you like Eeveelutions?Just came to say hi. Maybe after signing this I'll go get a stamp for guestbooks...
You are an awesome friend we talk lots about pokemon and have a laugh every now and then I cant wait to do more with you on neo!